Absolutely popular wind forest in Japan. Alpha 1 for beginners.

I have been drinking a lot of Kaze no Mori. This time, I collected them to compare them. Kaze no Mori Alpha 1 

  1. Kaze no Mori Alpha 1
  2. Taste Evaluation
  3. Tody’s snack

Kaze no Mori Alpha 1

Kaze no Mori Alpha 1

This time, we delve into Kaze no Mori Alpha.

Young craftsmen are leading Kaze no Mori
Kaze no Mori is now supported by young employees, and around 2010, Mr. Yamamoto, the owner of the company, decided to appoint Mr. Matsuzawa, who had only been with the company for two years, to the position of toji (chief brewer). He then entrusted Mr. Takahashi, who had also been with the company for five years, with the task of making koji (malted rice). Mr. Matsuzawa had studied brewing at university but was still inexperienced, while Mr. Takahashi was a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce. Both of them started with little experience, but after Mr. Matsuda, who was eager to learn, and Mr. Takahashi, who had an outstanding sense of smell, took over, Kaze-no-mori grew quickly. Mr. Takahashi is said to be able to distinguish between more than 20 different koji aromas! The theme of the Kaze no Mori ALPHA series is defined as “a brand that sets its sights beyond the conventional boundaries of Kaze no Mori and pursues the possibilities of sake through creative techniques.

The ALPHA series has three types among them.

TYPE 1″ is a series that dares to set the alcohol at a low 14%.
TYPE 2″ is made by boldly cutting down Akitsuho to 22% (surpassing “Otter Otter Jiwari Sanbu” and approaching the 20% level of “Bon Chogin”)
TYPE 3″ is a sake that has been fire-aged to increase its stability so that it can be enjoyed by people around the world.
<5 things you should know about Kaze no Mori! Experimental approach is fascinating! >
The first in a new series titled “The Door to the Next Chapter. . Immediately after opening the bottle
The fruitiness and freshness spread quickly, and you will be immersed in the lingering aftertaste that quickly fades away. After 1 day
The balance of the new taste blooms. The sweetness, acidity, umami, and a slight astringent taste add depth to the wine. After 2 to 3 days
The taste buds open up, a series of moments like a flower blooming and then wilting. Complex flavors come to the fore and create surprising changes. After 6-7 days
The sake has become a refreshing yet umami sake. Akitsuho’s unique flavor lingers in the aftertaste.

Kaze no Mori Alpha 1
Kaze no Mori Alpha 1

This is a first for the next generation of sake.

It is indeed low for a 10% alcohol sake. Beer is roughly 5% to 7% Wine is around 10% to 12%. Please enjoy it during August. And the warning is unusual. Sake is alive with bacteria.

Fashionable screw type as usual

Open the bottle.

The feeling of gas is amazing. White smoke is wafting.

There is a unique sweet aroma of Kaze no Mori in the air.

Kaze no Mori Alpha 1
Kaze no Mori Alpha 1


Japan Ranking 3rd
Nara Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment A:
It has a bubbly, melon-like fruitiness, and a nice sweetness with a hint of acidity. I couldn’t really taste the characteristics of Bodhi yeast, it was more like a modern type of sake that we often drink.

Comment B:
Apple-like aroma and taste is lactic acidic with a chili-like texture at the end.
Great with strong meals.
It’s like apple cider vinegar for adults.
Easy to drink because it has a nice sharpness

Taste Evaluation

Kaze no Mori Alpha 1
Kaze no Mori Alpha 1 Taste Evaluation

It is one of the thinnest in the series so far. Moreover, the low alcohol content makes it easy to drink. It is a good sake for those who are not used to drinking sake. It is also mellow and sweet at the end. It is a mellow sake. It is a junmai sake, so the taste is a bit complex at the end. It may be suitable as an aperitif.

Tody’s snack

leeks with miso
leeks with miso

I used some leeks I had left over in the fridge to make a Japanese snack of grilled leeks and miso. You can never go wrong with this combination.

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