Fusion of dry and summer to drink in summer Super hot

Today, too, I’m drinking alone in the dust. It is hot. It is the season of summer sake. Many blue bottles are cool and nice. But it’s all sake inside. In the midst of all this. I personally found an eye-catching label, which is also my favorite dry sake.

  1. Do kara Dry
  2. Taste Evaluation
  3. Today’s snack

Do kara Dry

Do kara Dry
Do kara Dry

This picture stuck out to me. It looks like a Ramune. I have a self-suggestion that there are no losers in dry sake.

Do kara Dry

I think that the original sake is the best choice for dry sake. After trying various types, I found that the dry type is the light and dry type of Showa-era sake, which has a sour aroma of old-fashioned sake when put in a cup. The other type is a modern style with the trendy ginjo aroma and sharpness. It can be divided into these two types. This is a matter of taste. The most common type is the modern fruity type, which has a sharp taste without any clutter.
However, the Showa-style dry sake can also be served warm. The modern style has a distinctive aroma, so when it is warmed up, the sweetness comes out too much and it is not a good match.
Oh, if you take a closer look, you will see that it is quite high in alcohol at 20 degrees Celsius. The website also says to drink it on the rocks or with soda.

It’s an old cap!

Do kara Dry

Aroma of Showa-era sake. Oh, it has a slight yellow tinge.


Taste Evaluation

Do kara Dry evaluationDo kara Dry evaluationDo kara Dry evaluation

It’s an old Showa type light and dry. You can sense a little sweetness. It doesn’t have the fruity ginjo aroma that is popular now. It is recommended for women who are used to a certain level of dryness. It seems to go well with soy sauce and local food often eaten in the countryside. Miso and soy sauce type. It can be served at room temperature or lukewarm. It is somewhat unsuitable for beginners.

Today’s snack is cheese chikuwa. A Japanese style snack.

Today’s snack

Wasabi soy sauce is the best. This time, the chemistry is excellent.

It was another good day.

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