Sushi bar operated by restaurant. All-you-can-drink miso soup

There are signs on the road every so often. I have always been curious about “Toto Ya Michi.”
I had some time to kill, so I decided to hit it.

Official site Totoyamichi

The entrance is made of a Japanese family restaurant.

The restaurant is firmly structured as a revolving sushi restaurant.


Simple content. Happy Hour: Beer 231 yen. Cheap.

I ordered a snack set. 682 yen

Recommended Product Signs
Recommended Product Signs

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free miso soup
free miso soup

All-you-can-drink miso soup until a certain time

It’s not bad, but if you think of it as sushi at a family restaurant, it’s good enough to eat.

making sushi.
making sushi.

A rather young chef is making sushi.

In the afternoon, he was replaced by a veteran chef.

making sushi.

I ordered Tempura and Hakkaisan. The sake selection at this restaurant is well-known, but as an enthusiast, I would be happy to see more sake that is not well-known to the public.

I had a full stomach today.



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