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Today, too, I am drinking alone in the dust. I drank Jozen MIzuno gotosi the year before last, when I had just started this blog and before I had a mold. A year later, I got my sake tasting license (I still don’t know how good I am at it) and found this red bottle again. I bought it to see if I could confirm the level of improvement with my tongue, which has been drinking a lot more sake than last time.

  1. Jozen MIzuno gotosi
  2. Jozen MIzuno gotosi evaluaton
  3. Today’s snack

Jozen MIzuno gotosi

Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi

Last time, I briefly explained about “hiyaoroshi,” right?

Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi

It’s wrote “aged(熟成)” because the sake was made in early spring and kept in the barrels until autumn. It is a little different from whiskey, which is made from a single year’s supply of sake.

Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi

It’s been a while since I’ve had red autumn sake.

Old cap

The year of manufacture! It was a surprisingly lonely cap.

Opening the bottle

Jozen MIzuno gotosi
Jozen MIzuno gotosi

As soon as the bottle is opened, a sweet aroma wafts through the air.


Japan ranking 88th
Niigata Prefecture Ranking 9th

Comment: A
-Aroma – Brilliant
-Taste – Mild
-How to drink – chilled, warmed
Fruity and aromatic
Ideal with raw ingredients rather than cooked dishes.

Comment: B
Eye-catching vivid red bottle,
Beautiful label with autumn leaves,
Kamizen Nyosui in September.
The fragrance is gorgeously sweet,
Mellow, clear and fresh,
The aroma is mild, clear, fresh, and fresh, and the sweetness is slightly subdued,
The taste is rich and matured.
If it is cooled down too much, the crisp bitterness will stand out,
At room temperature, it is easy to feel the gentle and gentle flavor, and the lingering aftertaste disappears gently.
It is delicious!

Jozen MIzuno gotosi evaluaton

Jozen MIzuno gotosi evaluaton
Jozen MIzuno gotosi evaluaton
Last year's score
Last year’s scorechart

It has a good mouthfeel. Is it a refreshing sake? The sweetness is not peculiar and refreshing. Not too assertive and not too fruity. Well balanced. A series that you can keep drinking. Suitable for beginners. It seems to go well with Japanese food in general. Especially fermented food such as miso. It tastes good again after all these years.

Today’s snack

squid and natto
squid and natto

The best collaboration of squid and natto (fermented soybeans) which are already out of date. I drank it with a little bit of each. Japanese style.

It was a good day, too.

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