Delicious sake that is incredibly popular in Japan.

I like to drink alone sometimes.

I’m still going around to liquor stores as usual.

I sometimes feel like drinking “Kaze no Mori” on a regular basis.

“Kaze no Mori” which I drank before

  1. Kaze no Mori alpha8
  2. Kaze no Mori Unfiltered

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

Characteristics of Kaze no Mori

Tsuyu Hakaze is a type of rice. It is different from the rice we usually eat. It is called “Shinpaku” (heart white), which is located in the center of the brown rice and is composed of protein, a very important element in sake brewing. As a side note, the ratio of milled rice indicates how much of the core white rice is left.
It was cultivated at the Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station in 1953. Its cultivation temporarily ceased, but it was revived after being cultivated in Nara Prefecture. It is a crossbreed between Hakutsuyu and early Futaba.

from Kotobank

Kaze no Mori is characterized by the use of local rice from Nara Prefecture, such as Akitsuho, to make its sake.

In the Kaze no Mori series, specified name sake such as “junmai” or “junmai ginjo” has been abolished, and all are labeled “junmai Nara sake”. The last digit of the three-digit number indicates the yeast used (No. 7 yeast), and the first two digits indicate the rice polishing ratio. The “50” in “507” means a 50% milling ratio, and the “7” indicates Yeast No. 7.

from Kagiya

I did not know this.

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

This time it’s 507, so it’s a 50% milling ratio and No. 7 Masumi yeast, a yeast with high fermentation power and a strong aroma.

It says “carbonation caution”.

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507 Cap
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507 Cap

It is a screw cap.

Every time I think about it, I feel the beauty of Japanese people who pay attention to details like family crests.

The bottle is open! A pop of gas came out. 

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

Later, when I drove to my classmate’s sushi bar to give it to him, the wind forest broke out on the way and transformed the car into a car that smelled of alcohol. When I was in Akabu, I was on the train so I didn’t spill it right away, but it backfired and turned into a catastrophe when I was lying down in the car…

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

It smells more like ginjo aroma than junmai rice aroma.


Japanese Ranking 2nd
Nara Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment: A
Slightly carbonated. Food sake. Refreshing sake. A trendy genre nowadays. It can be served as an aperitif like champagne.

Comment: B
Although I had had it at an izakaya before, when I discovered Kaze no Mori at a sake brewery, I decided to buy it immediately.
Of course, or perhaps it should be obvious, it must be delicious. Slightly effervescent.
When I opened the sake lid, I was blown away.
If I had peeked into the bottle and opened it, it would have been dangerous~(-_-;)

Taste Evaluation

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

I’ve had other Kaze no Mori series, but this one has a unique sweetness that immediately identifies it as Kaze no Mori. The aroma is also restrained. The sourness is stronger than the sweetness, and the citrus sweetness gives it a gaseous taste that refreshes the inside of the mouth. After the last sip, the citrus sweetness changes to melon-like melon sweetness. It is a sake with a pleasant aroma. We feel it is best drunk cold. It has a robust aroma, so it seems to go well as an aperitif or with lightly seasoned dishes such as refreshing chilled tofu.

Here is a link to a table of the Kaze no Mori series’ flavor classifications. Table of the Kaze no Mori series’ flavor classifications


snack to have with a drink

A Chinese resident brought me some Chinese cooking ingredients, and my friend cooked them.

I put freshwater fish in the dish. He asked me where he could get carp, but it is impossible in a general supermarket, so I substituted meat. And why not cook puffer fish?

Pufferfish sauteed in butterand hot pot of hot spices

Pufferfish sauteed in butter
Pufferfish sauteed in butter

Sweat from my scalp. It was so spicy that my tongue went numb. Wind Forest and spicy food do not go together.

Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507
Kaze no Mori Tsuyu Hakaze 507

It was happy time again today.

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