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Japanese Saki(Ginjo, Seishu) delicacy

I went to my favorite supermarket without any information, and after much deliberation, I came up with the following words.

“Highest Gold Award, 2021!”

What! Other sake is labeled “Gold Prize,” but “Highest Gold Prize”?

Of course I choose to drink.


In my experience,

Daiginjo has a stronger aroma than other Junmaishu. This time, too, the aroma was fruity and fragrant.

Like the famous “Daiginjo Kubota,” I personally like to drink it with a strong aroma, and I always feel like a good first sip. I’m not a big fan of crunchy or herbaceous foods.

Overall, the taste is sweet. The taste is more like sake than wine. If you smell it with your nose, the aroma is not that great. Even a small amount will make you feel drunk. It should be chilled to room temperature, but if you warm it up, the sweetness will increase, so I think room temperature or lower is best.

After the second sip, you start to get used to it, and if it feels good in your mouth, you can drink it easily.


As I wrote in my previous article, I feel that the type of yeast plant used to produce the aroma changes. In my personal opinion, I feel that the “◯◯ award” has something to do with the trend of the time, so I feel that you should choose based on your own preferences.


“I found myself drinking about half of “the Hiyashi Bori”. The ease of drinking is good. “I heard that they also have a Junmai Ginjo, so I will try it next time.


it is called Ginjo-shu

By the way, if the rice polishing ratio is less than 60%, it is called Ginjo-shu. It is called “Ginjo-shu” when the rice polishing ratio is less than 60%, and “Daiginjo-shu” when the rice polishing ratio is less than 50%. When the ratio of polished rice is less than 50%, it is called Daiginjo-shu. The percentage of polished rice is the percentage of unpolished rice that remains after the rice is removed. Generally speaking, the higher the rice polishing ratio (the less rice is polished), the higher and richer the aroma of the ingredients becomes. The lower the rice polishing ratio, the lower the aroma of the ingredients and the lighter the flavor.

I recently bought a glass that takes a lot of care to wash. It’s too thin, so you have to be really careful. But the thinner they are, the better they feel on the palate.

Today’s entree was cheetara, which has been a favorite of mine lately. I bought a small one.

※Cheese sandwitch with dried cod 

How to eat this depends on you!

You can have smoked cod skin first by peeling from cheese,

or just bite it.

You can have smoked cod skin first by peeling from cheese,

The Daiginjo Hiyashi Bori seems to go well with darker dishes. The fresh fruity aroma cleanses the fat freshly in juicy dishes such as cheese, fried foods and meat.


It was a happy time set for this evening.

Thank you for reading to the end.
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