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Japanese Sake(Ginjo,Seishu)

“I had a hard time deciding between “Toko Super Dry Junmai Ginjo Sake” and “Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu. I was having a drink with one of my high school classmates, we looked for a bottle..

“He said, “I’ve never seen such a super dry sake!


I was actually interested in the Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu over here, but I chose it for that reason.


It tasted of the sourness characteristic of Japanese sake. If you are not a big fan of sake, you may not like this particular sourness at first.

It is sharp on the throat and gradually rounds out. It is the most old-fashioned sake that I have ever tasted. There is not much aroma, it is dry and the first sip has an acidic taste. Comparing it with the previous Masumi, I was surprised at how different the taste was, even for the same sake.


The three of us tasted it together. Each of us had our own opinions, but the one thing we all had in common was that it was a mellow sake, and I think it would taste different if it was warmed up. I’m thinking of trying it next time.

It has won several gold medals in a row, but as I’m looking for something that tastes like white wine, I find it a bit too much like sake.

However, it’s easy to drink, so I’m sure I’ll end up drinking a lot.

It may go better with dishes that have a little more flavor, such as oden or simmered dishes.

Apparently, you can also go sightseeing at a sake brewery in Yamagata.

I’ll have to go there sometime!

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