A popular sake representing Shizuoka Prefecture that has won numerous awards.

Famous, isn’t it? This Iso jiman. I have been interested in it for a long time. But, however, even if I thought it was available, when I wanted to buy it, I could not find it.

So today is a good day.

  1. Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo
  2. What is Sake Rice for Sake?
  3. Evaluation of Isobojimi Taste
  4. snack

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo sake
Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo

What is Sake Rice for Sake?

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo
Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo

It is 100% Yamada-Nishiki, and it is from Hyogo Prefecture’s special A district.

I looked up the Hyogo Prefecture Special A District.

It is a land suitable for producing sake rice. Then, why?

It has long been said, “If you want to buy sake rice, look at the land. It is not only the variety of rice, but also the location where the rice is grown that is important. The special A districts in Hyogo Prefecture are located in Miki City (Yoshikawa and Kuchiyoshikawa) and Kato-shi (Tojo Town and the eastern part of Sha Town) in the western part of Mt. Rokko, where the daily temperature range in summer is 10°C or more, and clay terraced rice fields spread in the valley.

Institute of Sake Culture

One good condition for sake rice is cold nights and warm days.

The rice is nourished during the day and stored during the cold nights, resulting in better sake rice.

The other factor is water. Hard or soft water is one thing, but the minerals in the water are another. After all, plants grow by absorbing water. Water is important.

You have to know which strata the rain runs through to become spring water. It’s all about water, isn’t it? It’s too complicated to talk about mining supplies, so just remember which filtration system the water goes through to get good quality water. It’s about the same as what you would expect to learn.

This is how the terraced rice paddies grow. The western part of Mt. Rokko in Hyogo Prefecture provides such conditions, and a certain baseball team sings “Rokko Oroshi,” which is a meteorological term for the downdraft near Mt. It is said to be a cold wind blowing in the Hanshin area.

It must be cold at night.

Historically, Osaka is close by, and in the Edo period (1603-1867), when ships started to come and go between Edo and Kobe, the economic conditions were favorable and the area was named the Hyogo Prefecture Special A District.

But what about the taste? But it is a good information to talk about the background of the area.

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo
Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo

It is an Old Cap, isn’t it? Cork open!

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo
Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo

The ginjo aroma is restrained.


Japan Ranking 33rd
Shizuoka Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment: A
I really wanted to drink the daiginjo, but I think it was good too.

Comment: B
It is easy to drink like water and has a nice sharpness. It has a refined taste with no habits.

Evaluation of Iso jiman Taste

Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo Evaluation
Iso jiman Jyunmai Ginjyo Evaluation


The aroma is strong. It has a strong alcoholic taste. It is an aperitif. The aroma may be too strong for beginners. Light and dry. It has a strong habit that those who are addicted to it will love. As it was chosen as the toast for the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, it is suitable for aperitifs. Aromatic sake. It may go well with foodstuffs if you don’t choose the right combination. It seems to go well with sashimi and ponzu type food.

I made bolognese.

It didn’t go well with stones.

It was another good day.

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