All of these brands are delicious. Sake with distinctive afro hair.

Today, too, I’m drinking alone. I’m worried that I’m being treated like a prowler for wandering around the liquor store too much, but no matter. Today, too, I am strolling around looking for good sake. The number of “hiyaoroshi” sake has increased considerably. The lineup of sake is going to become more complete from now on.

  1. Kudoki Jozu
  2. Kudoki Jozu taste evaluation
  3. Today’s snack
Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu

I buy them because the jackets are stylish. The design is funky as ever and I pick it up every time. Kudoki Jozu.

Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu

The label on the sake says this.
Surface label

“The victims of war and divorce are always children.
Assassination of a former prime minister. Is this from a movie?
Can’t Japan heal now?
Surviving these times? We did labels like this again.

Back label
“Corona Douchebag
It has been two years since I started living with the new coronavirus.
The way I work, my awareness, my senses, the people I meet, change.

Living in fear of something I want to yell “asshole” out loud

On the other hand, abundant time for myself Review
The opportunity to realize the value of everyday life to be renewed.
In a way, it was a time of gratitude, wasn’t it?

In the world, war breaks out and a former prime minister falls to a deadly bullet. Is Japan now a gun society? Rising prices, wealth and poverty. Difficulty in living. Let us all gradually change the course of our lives.”

The label says, “Sorry,” but it’s a strong label. It’s done. What kind of sake brewery is this? I searched the web, but surprisingly, there was no official website. I wonder if such a thing that claims historical things will become a rare label as the years go by. I like that the claim of sake is not too strong.

Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu

Afro and Turtle are the hallmarks of Kamenoi Sake Brewery.

Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu

Old Cap.

I went ahead and took a picture of the bottle after it was opened.

Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu

Kido type trendy sweet fruity ginjo aroma.

Kudoki Jozu
Kudoki Jozu


Japan Ranking 22nd
Yamagata Prefecture Ranking 2nd

Cute label. Not only the label, but I really liked the taste.
And the avocado cheese crackers were so good, they were empty in no time.
This one became my very favorite.

Comment: B
Very sweet. Almost no fruitiness.Almost no aroma that passes through the nose.
After swallowing, a very slight bitter taste remains on the tongue. When it comes back to room temperature, the freshness seems to increase. It was easy to drink and delicious.

Kudoki Jozu taste evaluation

Kudoki Jozu taste evaluation
Kudoki Jozu taste evaluation

Easy to drink. Suitable for beginners. Dry and refreshing. It is simple and tasteless. It has a melon-like sweetness. It has a melon-like sweetness. It is a sake that can be drunk by itself. It is an aperitif. It is similar to white wine. Refreshing. It should definitely be drunk chilled. It seems to go well with light and light dishes, but I recommend drinking this sake alone slowly.

Today’s snack

Today’s snack is contradictory to the comment, but it is potato salad with bacon.

potato salad with bacon
potato salad with bacon

To be honest, the sake lost out to this sauce when paired. It was a failure this time. The potato salad was delicious, though.

It was another good day.

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