The phoenix. A popular sake made by a historic brewery.

My latest hobby: strolling to the liquor store.

Liquor store Kurihara. I bought a very famous sake from among many others. And it’s a seasonal product!

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  3. Latest Information
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Hououbiden_Jummai Ginjo unprocessed sake


HououBiden Brewery

HououBiden Brewery, Kobayashi shuzo was established in the 5th year of Meiji era (1872) at Koyama city in Tochigi prefecture. Formerly known as Mitamura village, it is a land with beautiful rice fields as far as the eye can see and plenty of infiltrated water from Nikko mountains. HououBiden was born from this land.
We keep brewing high-quality ginjo shu with our 150 years of history, tradition, and sensibility as our unique values.

Cap is old style

Aroma: “Yes,” a nice fruity aroma characteristic of Ginjo-shu. So assertive that you can smell it.

While leaving that aroma in the nose


Taste evaluation

Hououbiden_Taste evaluation
Hououbiden_Taste evaluation

Delicious! It’s pleasant to the touch, thin and thick, and passes through the throat without resistance. Even after passing through, the gas is fragrant and makes the nose mellow and rich. This is a phoenix that does not lose its name. The taste is clear, then sweet, and finally a bit complex. It seems to go well with light and simple food such as white meat sashimi. The synergistic effect of the flavor will be better with dishes that complement the sake rather than with the food itself.

I’m more of a white wine drinker than a sake drinker, but after drinking this, cheap white wine from the convenience store is not so good.

Latest Information

This sake is ranked 8th in Japan.
Tochigi Prefecture ranking No.1
(January 2022 information)

As a comment

Ms. A.; This is a limited winter sake, Hekihan of Phoenix Mita.
As written, it has a muscat-like ginjo aroma, juicy like a green apple!
The world of blended rice is like showing the results of the creator’s research, and I enjoy drinking it!

Ms.B; It has a gorgeous aroma and a smooth mouthfeel. Just before it flows down your throat, the juicy acidity and flavor spread out at once. In the second half, a slight bitterness is added, and the aftertaste is a bit long. This one is also a sake where acidity plays a leading role. I’ve never had such a juicy acidity before, and it made me realize once again the depth of sake.

Click here for a list of stores where you can buy this sake.→Here

Hououbiden Brewer Kobayashi Shuzo does not sell our sake at retail.
It can only be purchased through special contract stores located throughout Japan.
Tochigi is also famous for its strawberries, and Hououbiden’s strawberries are also popular.

braised abalone
braised abalone
braised abalone
braised abalone
braised abalone
braised abalone

This time, I tried the “braised abalone” as a snack, but it tasted very bad. It was a failure.



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