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Today’s sake is “Masumi” Jet Black Junmai Ginjo Sake. 

One word! This sake is Yummy!


For the first time in a long time, this is delicious.

The flavor is like that of white wine, and it is easy to drink. The taste is light and fragrant, and there is almost no alcohol feeling after drinking it all. It is a light Junmai Ginjo-shu with a rich aroma that makes it clear that it is scented sake.

The seventh yeast, also called Masumi yeast in Japan, is the most widely used today as it is said to have strong fermentation power and produces gorgeous aromas. This yeast is also called Masumi yeast.

I can recommend “Masumi” Urushi-Kuro as a good sake.


Goes well with strong flavored meal and refreshing sashimi.

In this case, cheese ham cutlet and salmon.


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Japanese sea food Don

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