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Japanese Sake(Ginjo,Seishu) x Can you get Drunken Whale sake in The Walmart Black Friday 2021 ?

Today, I’ve been drinking nice sake.

Recently, I’ve been comparing “Special junmai sake”, “Junmai ginjo”, “Junmai daiginjo”, and “Ginjo”.

This time, on my way home from work, I thought it looked familiar, so I bought it.

(I’ll remember where I saw it later.)


I personally prefer “the Junmai”, “the Junmai Ginjo”, and “the Ginjo” , as the Junmai has a more refreshing rice flavor, and the Ginjo has a stronger aroma, more like wine than rice.

In addition, there are different aroma strains depending on the number of koji yeast, so I also compare them.

Drunken Whale (酔鯨 SUIGEI)

is a sake from Kochi Prefecture in Japan. I’ve never had a sake from Shikoku before. I personally like the design of the whale.

The first sip was mild on the palate. The aroma is not as strong as that of Junmai-sake, so it goes down the throat more easily than Ginjo-sake.

Personally, I find the aroma of Ginjo sake to be similar to that of wine.

Junmai-sake has a more consistent aroma, I think.

I think there is a difference in the taste after drinking it (I want to test that!).

I find that the amount diminishes before you know it.

The taste is good and straightforward. 

it seems to go well with oden. (Next time, I’ll have oden as a side dish).

Now, where did I remember that I had seen this before?

What should I do for a snack? I went to the convenience store and looked at the canned goods.

I decided to go for a nice canned food.

As I picked up the canned goods, I looked to the side and saw a whale in the convenience store where whales are most frequently seen!

And it was only slightly cheaper than the supermarket where I bought it.

And it’s only slightly cheaper than the supermarket where I bought it.

But it’s good because it’s delicious.

Smoked salmon can

It’s just nice day, and I’m drunk.




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