Japanese Drinks of Mania! You are a foodie! Aren’t you!

You are a foodie! #Foodporn.

Japanese sake is a natural match for sushi. The sake goes beyond the taste of wine.

REAL Japanese introduce truly delicious drinks.

Welcome to our website “Japanese drinks of Mania” .

This is a site that introduces the delicious Japanese drinks that I drink on a daily basis as a result of my love of drinks .

I have a certificate in Japanese sake,

And will introduce a wide range of Japanese drinks ,

from the getting myself drinks. I drink to the easily available drinks .

I’d like to mix in a little bit of knowledge about what to look for to the good taste.

I hope that this blog will eventually become a menu of sorts.

Please follow me.


Dry is still delicious. Nihon Bijin is Japanese sake.

Today, as usual, I am drinking alone. Bakuren, which I’…




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