Sushi bar with a long line in Shibuya, Tokyo

Sushi bars are everywhere in Japan. Is it good or bad? If it is expensive, is it good? You will never know until you try it.

There are not many sushi bars with lines. High-end sushi bars are usually by reservation only. Reasonably priced sushi bars have a lot of space, so they can accommodate a lot of customers. During the New Year’s season, people line up. That’s about the only time of the year. However, the restaurant I am about to introduce, Midori Sushi, has a line out the door all year round. An amazing restaurant.

It is not a chain restaurant with reasonable prices and 100 yen per plate, but it is not an upscale restaurant either. Why on earth would people wait in line?


4F Mark City East, 1-12-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

It is essentially always a waiting list. However, since it was late in the evening, there were only a few people waiting in line.

It’s a ticketing turnstile system.

The restaurant is not very spacious.

The lunch menu is very reasonable!

The regular menu is moderately priced

Salad and steamed egg custard are automatically served first.

The store even has its own original soy sauce!

Here we are. Vivid colors. Oh, there is a mysterious grass.

What is it? I’ve never eaten grass before either.
I looked it up: green onion. It is a kind of green onion.

The fish was thick and well seasoned, and the rice was made by a craftsman, so it was not too hard and did not lose its shape, but had just the right softness and sweetness. If you can eat this for as little as $10, there is no wonder it is so popular and people line up to get it.

In Japan, you can get this “Chawanmushi” at any proper Japanese-style sushi bar. You can eat it any time of the day, but it is usually eaten at the end of the meal. By the way, it is made of egg.

For this price, Midori-zushi is worth a visit if you prefer more traditional sushi.

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