World Sake Brewery Ranking 2021 Rankig Top 50 Delicious Sake

Suddenly, I have a weakness for titles.
It’s “World Sake Brewery Ranking Top 50 Awarded. When I hold it in my hand, I have already decided to buy it.

  1. Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo Tamanae Namaeshu
  2. What is Shuzokotekimai
  3. Evaluation
  4. Mackenzie cheese

Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo Tamanae Namaeshu

Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo sake
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo sake
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo sake
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo

I did a little research on the brewery.

The brewery, Rokkasen, has won quite a few different titles. The brand name “Temahisa” seems to have won a lot of awards, but it is not cheap because of the paulownia box. It looks like it was made for a sake competition.

This junmai ginjo sake is made from 100% Yamashu No. 4 (Tamanaoe) grown by local high school students. Yamashu No. 4, a crossbreed between Yamada-Nishiki and Kinmon-Nishiki, has a full-bodied, umami taste, but also has a sharpness to it.

Rokkasen Official Website

What is Shuzokotekimai

Shuzokotekimai is rice grown for sake brewing. The rice itself is different from the rice we normally eat and is not suitable for eating. The most major type of rice is probably Yamada-Nishiki.

It is one of the varieties of rice suitable for sake brewing. It is a cross between Yamada-Nishiki and Kinmon-Nishiki, and was bred in 1983 by Yamagata Prefectural Murayama Agricultural High School (at that time). It is nicknamed “Tamanae”.

Although information is scarce, it is Yamagata’s representative rice for sake brewing.

The characteristics of the rice determine the direction of the flavor to some extent, but from here it changes depending on the koji and the flavor the brewer is aiming for.

There are many other types of rice suitable for sake brewing.

“Yamadanishiki” and “Gohyakumangoku” make up more than 60% of the total. Yamada-Nishiki and Gohyakumangoku make up more than 60% of the total.
If you remember these two names first, you will recognize that you are using good raw materials.

Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo cap
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo cap
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo cap

Old type. Don’t cut your hand.

Cherry” representing Yamagata

Open the bottle

Open the bottle

Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo

The aroma is good, the ginjo aroma is not too strong and is brewed subtly.


Japan ranking 317th
Yamagata Prefecture Ranking 18th

Comment A:
Dry. Slightly chili. Goes well with meals. Just right for hot days.


Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo evaluation
Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo evaluation

Banana, fruity. The aroma is well controlled and not too strong, so it is a good sake for a mealtime drink. It is easy to drink. It is a refreshing and light sake with a crisp finish and no cloying taste. Overall, the sense of alcohol is kept in check. It is a sake that can be drunk for a long time. The price is reasonable. Recently, this kind of taste is compared to that of white wine, and it certainly seems to be comparable. The main difference between white wine and sake is the lactic acidity of sake (in my opinion), while the sweetness of white wine seems to be weaker due to its astringency. The process of making and ingredients are different, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare the two.

Mackenzie cheese

Mackenzie cheese
Mackenzie cheese

I made an American home-cooked Mackenzie cheese.

As with white wine, Yamaboshi is not bad with cheese.

Sake and cheese are not a bad match, since both are originally fermented foods and have a similar acidity to each other, mainly lactic acid. We recommend pairing the darker cheeses with sake to reset them. However, sake is an alcoholic beverage that is drunk a little at a time rather than in large quantities. It has a slightly sweet taste, and it is possible to become bored with the sweetness.

It was another good day.

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