Unbelievable Bombed Ramen in Tokyo

“Leek Hell Ramen Noodles”

The famous Tokyo Akihabara. A ramen battleground.
It takes 10 minutes to walk from the station. There is a restaurant that serves “back fat ramen” full of meat flavor.
There is a wide range of ramen from the standard size to the unique large size.

This time, I challenged ” leek hell” with a large serving of leeks.

Leek Hell

As a service, you can order a large portion of noodles or rice for free.
I ordered rice.

A few minutes of waiting


Ramen NoodleTonkotsu

I couldn’t find the noodles because the leek and the pork were too much.

I mixed it well and found the noodles.

Let’s eat.

The noodles are thick and delicious. The noodles were thick and tasty, and although they were labeled “spicy,” they were not spicy at all.


It’s so good that I can eat more and more. The soup is a very thick tonkotsu soup, mainly because of the fat from the back fat. The scallions also make it crispy and remove the fatty feeling of the oil.
If you feel the soup is too thick, you can order a free soup called “Warishita” to thin the soup.

As I was about to finish my meal, the fat in the soup was starting to fill up my stomach, but I didn’t order the soup because it was so delicious.


I used the leftover soup to make rice.
This is the kind of rice that is often served at ramen shops in Japan.
After pouring the soup over the rice, the rice dipped in the soup is exquisitely delicious.
It is a natural ritual for ramen lovers. 

Ramen maniacs, hurry up and come to Akihabara in Japan and eat it!

Link “The Restaurant”

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