Even Japanese people make mistakes with Japanese kanji.

Sake is made from rice that is exclusively used for making sake. Did you know?

I mistakenly bought a bottle of sake called “Hanatomoe”, which is actually “Hanamura”. Even Japanese people make mistakes with kanji.
But the encounter was inevitable. Quick brewed sake. This is the first time I’m drinking it with this in mind.

hanatomoe lactic acidv addition method
hanatomoe lactic acidv addition method-Labels.
hanatomoe lactic acidv addition method
hanatomoe lactic acidv addition method-Mt. Fuji Inoguchi
Mt. Fuji Inoguchi

What is Lactic acid addition method?

When making the original fermentation liquid from the yeast, it takes time and effort to multiply the natural microorganisms to determine the flavor. After that, the rice is added to the original solution and the flavor is gradually expanded, which is the traditional method.
However, the method of shortening the time required to produce the product by artificially cultivating it is called “quick brewing.

In addition to shortening the time originally required, the oxidation of lactic acid prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, making it useful for hygiene.
This method has been used since the end of the Meiji era.

As for the taste

as a yogurt lover I am very sensitive to lactic acid. I can feel the lactic acid. It has a familiar sourness that I’ve grown accustomed to with rice wine, as well as some yogurt and other lactic acid products. It’s not bad.
This is a quick brew.

Evaluation Chart
Evaluation Chart

This is the first time I’ve been aware of it, and I want to compare the others.

hanatomoe lactic acidv addition method

It has a more distinctive sourness than other sake, but then you get the sweetness and sharpness of the rice that is inherent in sake. The aroma is characteristic of sake, but when you drink it, the sourness is like the yogurt you are used to.There are enough differences that many people can compare it to other sakes to know what a fast brewing sake is.


Also, here is a drink. It’s called Nigorizake.
When filtering, the mash is filtered through a coarse bag to mix in the koji and rice grains, resulting in a thicker taste. Since the yeast is still alive in the bottle, fermentation takes place inside the bottle and gas is produced, giving it a fizzy taste.A muddled sake that is different from standard sake. The pleasant acidity is delicious.

The brewery of Hanaboe is located in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, a region with a long history of fermented foods. The area has a long history of fermented foods, and many of them are named after the region, such as Nara pickles. It is thought that the climate is suitable for fermentation.


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