Beginners should drink Senshin. More than Kubota, Senshin

  1. Senshin Jummai Dai Ginjo
  2. Ingredients
  3. Why the name Senshin?
  4. About Asahi Sake Brewery
  5. Taste evaluation

Senshin Jummai Dai Ginjo


It’s really good. It’s expensive, but
It’s made by the same brewery as the famous Kubota, so it’s not something I can afford.



It’s 100% Takananishiki, and the rice polishing ratio is 28%! It takes three days and nights to polish the rice to 28%, and the polishing process is slow and careful.
Under 40% is a low value for sake that is going to win titles in sake competitions. It usually takes two days to polish the rice, but the lower the number, the longer it takes to polish the rice, and the more work it takes.

Why the name Senshin?

The word “Senshin” originally appeared in a Chinese book called the I Ching, one of the Confucian scriptures called the Four Books and Five Classics.
It also means “to go back to the beginning, to respect others, and to live a sparkling life.

About Asahi Sake Brewery

Old Style Cap
Now, let’s open the package, or rather, I’ve already opened it since it’s left over from my parents’ drink.

The aroma says Junmai Daiginjo, but it’s a distinctive sake aroma with a slight sourness.


Japan ranking 425th
Niigata Prefecture Ranking 33rd

Comment A : When you hear that the rice polishing ratio is 28%, you get the impression of a fruity, sweet and clear rice wine, but I think this is something else. It is a perfect light, dry, and excellent food sake, with a gentle mouthfeel that you cannot imagine before drinking, and a high balance of about 1 sweetness, 1 bitterness, 3 tastes, and 1 acidity (this is my personal opinion). It is exceptional. Exceptional. I’m glad I drank it.

Comment B : Clear alcohol taste, aftertaste is clear and tingling on the tongue that gradually disappears 🎶. It’s delicious‼️.

Taste evaluation
Taste evaluation
Taste evaluation

It is mellow and pleasant to the taste. The mouthfeel is very clear with no resistance. The aroma of the Ginjo is almost nonexistent, and there is some soft sourness unique to Jummai sake. After a simple feeling at the end of the throat, there is a momentary spiciness that makes the throat hot. If you like sake, you will like this spiciness. It will go well with main dishes such as meat and fish. It is a very well balanced sake. If you ever see this sake, don’t be hesitant to buy it. There are only a limited number of stores that carry it.

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