What is the IWC Champion Popular Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo?

They said that I should start with Jummai Ginjo. I bought one. Then I headed home.

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Nabeshima_Jummai Ginjo

Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo
Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo

They have “Nabeshima”! 
I had heard rumors about it, but I hadn’t tried it yet, and when I asked the store staff for a recommendation,

I’ve been enjoying going around to stylish liquor stores more and more these days.

My ability to keep up with the latest information has improved considerably.
On my day off, I visited the Kagataya Sake Shop in Nishi-Koyama, Tokyo.

This store has some of the most famous and popular sake in Tokyo, making it a must-visit for sake lovers.

Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo
Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo

The black letters and the purple color scheme are quite nice. It’s a combination that only reminds me of the uniform of HMV.

Read the precautions.

Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo

The cap is old style.

I opened the package immediately.

I checked out Nabeshima.

  • Isn’t Saga Prefecture a tourist attraction?

I looked it up and found that the rice paddies of terraced rice fields came out third in the rank of tourist attractions. I guess it’s a great natural environment.

In order to make a sake that will be loved by the local people of Saga for a long time to come, Tomikuchidai decided to name its brand after the public.
They thought that by having the local people name it, it would be more closely connected to the community. by Ichiban Chikai Nominakama

Fukuchu-Chiyo Sake Brewery.

The sake brewer is Fukuchiyo Brewery, and the concept of the company is to provide truly delicious sake rather than sake that is drunk like a chain store. Blessed with an environment that is rich in underground water veins and other natural wonders, it seems to have transformed into a product that is recognized around the world. Before it won the award, it was not that famous yet. Even after winning the award, the brewery did not expand the scale of its production, but rather focused on quality rather than mass production, so that it is only available in limited places rather than supermarkets.

Official Nabeshima Website

The website costs a good amount of money. The photos are also the work of professionals.

Sake Brewery Auberge.

  • Sake Brewery Auberge. It seems to be French. It seems that there is an overnight stay with meals and a sake brewery tour (not open to the public). You can stay in a Japanese house and have everything from food to sake provided. You can have a meal, take a bath and relax. It’s a great course. I heard that auberges are rather popular among wine breweries in France.
Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo

Too bad it didn’t pop like a champagne bottle.

Poured it into my favorite slime glass.

The aroma was mellow and fruity, but not as fruity as a Daiginjo. In my brain, all the Ginjo sake I’ve ever had passes.

Other people Reputation

Japan Ranking: 10th
Saga Prefecture Ranking No.1

Mr A;
Sweet on the palate with a crisp aftertaste.
The sweetness of Yamada Nishiki is refreshing.
A sake to be thankful for this encounter.

Mr B;
Nabeshima is a fresh and refreshing sake even when it is not in the raw stage, but I look forward to drinking it in this season. It is not too sweet like New Moon, but has a good balance of bitterness.

In fact, there are many different types of Nabeshima sake. I asked myself which one would be best for a first time Nabeshima drinker, and the result is this Junmai Ginjo sake. These are my impressions of that one.


Taste evaluation

Oh, the taste of rice is very strong.
The first touch as it approaches the mouth is definitely the fruity aroma and taste of Ginjo.
It immediately changes its attitude, as if it has a double personality, and suddenly, as if to say, “I am an orthodox person,” the moderate sweetness of the rice comes and leaves refreshingly.

Nabeshima Jummai Ginjo  Taste evaluation
Taste evaluation

The aftertaste is clear and disappears smoothly on the tongue without any tanginess.
There is some acidity, but not so much that you can’t taste it.
It can be served at room temperature or lukewarm.
Mellow aroma at first, then a clean, clear mouthfeel.

As a characteristic, it is easy to drink.
It seems to go well with food that is not too rich or too thin.

This time, grilled pork with Japanese mustard was a combination that overshadowed each other, so nabe, sashimi, pickles, salads, cheese, tempura, and other foods with a high concentration would work well.
The taste is very suitable for beginners of sake.

Today’s Appetizers
roast pork
roast pork
roast pork
roast pork
Japanese mustard
Japanese mustard

This time, grilled pork with Japanese mustard was a combination that overshadowed each other, so nabe, sashimi, pickles, salads, cheese, tempura, and other foods with a high concentration would work well. The taste is very suitable for beginners of sake.

I’d love to visit one if I have the chance. Saga is so far away. I’ll try another Nabeshima.

Click here for other Western Japan sake


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    1. Thanks again for your comments.
      The Nabeshima was very yummy. It tasted as good as any other famous sake. I am very interested in Ura-Nabeshima. I’ll look into it next time.




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