Local Kama-age Udon at a reasonable price in the city center

A Tokyo native will tell you that here is a good and cheap udon restaurant.

Udon Japan

The website of the “Kineya-Udon” store I visited.

To start with, you need to know how to order.
It’s not for tourists, so it’s cheap and tasty.
However, if you don’t know how to order and eat udon, it may be difficult for foreigners.
Once you learn how to do it, you should be able to order at any noodle shop in town without stress.

I will use my favorite dish, “Kamatama Udon,” as an example to explain. To begin with, “Kamatama Udon” is a very healthy dish of udon noodles with a raw egg and toppings of your choice.

First, wait your turn.

Japanese Udon

Here is the office district at lunch time. Japanese people love to line up, so when you come to Japan, follow the rules and line up beautifully.

Entering from the side of the line is strictly prohibited. Japanese people are afraid of conflict, so most of them put up with it without complaining. But deep down, Japanese are very irritated. While you are in Japan, please follow the rules and be kind.

Here’s the order form.

Japanese Udon

Here’s the order form. This is the same system used in American cafeterias. You take a tray, place your order, and move it to the side.
However, you need to learn how to order.

First, order the name of the item and whether you want it cold or hot.
The “Kamatama_Udon” is only available hot, so just go ahead and order it. Depending on the menu, you may want to insist on either cold or hot.

For example
I want hot udon or cold udon. etc. 

Next, the size
Please let us know if you want a large, medium, or small portion.

Japanese Udon

When it’s ready.
The cook will say, “Please pour the soy sauce on the table and eat it. This is the way to eat udon.
The way to eat this udon is to pour the soy sauce directly on the udon.

What is Kamatama Udon?
This is one of the unique ways of eating Sanuki udon. Boiled udon noodles are taken out of the bowl and eaten with raw egg and a small amount of thick sauce or soy sauce.

Once you order, your udon will be served in a few minutes.
There’s not much of a wait.

Udon Japan
Japanese Udon Tempura

When you get the udon. Move to the side and get in line for the checkout.

However, there is a trick of temptation.

There is a trick of temptation.
Udon Japan
Japanese Udon Tempura

You receive the udon, and beside it, you can put fried food or tempura rice balls on top of the udon. You can also get them as additional side dishes. Fight temptation while waiting for your turn to pay.
If you want to eat, there is always a pair of tongs or something to grab near the food, so please take it to another plate and bring it to the checkout with you.

About $9 per item.

Japanese Udon Tempura

Pour the water yourself.
Then, add green onions, tenkasu, and ginger.
No matter how much you add, it’s free. Naturally, the water is also free.
You can make your own toppings by adding as much as you like.

Here’s what it looks like when I put it all in. This is my preference.
Udon Japan
Japanese Udon
Japanese Udon soy sauce

Then sit wherever you want and enjoy the delicious food. After this, I added some more sesame seeds and ate it with soy sauce. 3.8 dollars per cup

Seasonings, from left.
Sesame seeds, chili peppers, chili oil, soy sauce for udon noodles

Once the lid is removed, pour the sesame seeds into the bowl by screwing the body and top together to crush the sesame seeds.

If you come to Japan, you can eat it without hesitation.
The authentic Japanese udon is by far the most delicious due to the differences in the ingredients of water and wheat and the skills of the cooks. You should definitely try it at least once when you come to Japan.

Thank you for reading to the end.

If you find it interesting, please follow me.

And please come visit there in Japan.




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