Japan’s Izakaya is finally getting very cheap prices

This section explains how to read the signs of Japanese izakaya (Japanese style pubs).

First of all, please pay attention to this Japanese.


This word “半額” indicates 50% off.

However, caution is advised. There are often conditions attached. It may be happy hour, or only the first drink, etc. Please check the explanation carefully before you order. Ask the waiter. They will explain it to you.

And the next thing I want to draw your attention to is the “~” symbol. This means that the price starts from that amount or higher.


There is usually a small variety of these lowest-priced products. Mostly disappointing.


Note the Kanji character for “飲み放題” refers to a course that allows you to drink as many drinks as you want with a time limit. There is another trap hidden here. Cheaper courses may not include beer or popular items. The unfortunate result is that you end up having to pay additional fees.

If you see a sign that says something convenient, you should guess that there is some kind of trap.

Nevertheless, please enjoy the Japanese izakaya restaurant, a place with a very pleasant atmosphere.

Thank you for reading to the end. Please don’t forget to bookmark this page.




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