Juicy sake representing Ibaraki Prefecture

Today, too, I am drinking sake by myself. I drank a variety of sake. There was “Morishima,” which had always exuded dignity from its label.

  1. Morishima Jyunmaiginjyo
  2. I looked into it.
  3. Morishima Jyunmaiginjyo evaluation
  4. Today’s snack

Morishima Junmaiginjyo

Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo

It’s a bottle heating process. The method of heat treatment is to sterilize the entire bottle by placing it in boiling water. The image is like putting all the bottles together in a bath.

I looked into it.

Founded by Michimasa Morishima, the first generation, who was a samurai of the Mito clan. The brewery was established in Kawajiri, northern part of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, because of its location where subsoil water from the mountains at the southern end of the Abukuma Mountains flows in and where rice cultivation is flourishing and abundant rice is available.

From Morishima’s official website

What is the Mito Clan? What do you mean from the 2nd year of Meiji? So it was right after the Great Seihokan. It was a time of great change.

The seasonal employment system for toji (master brewer) is abolished, and brewing begins with the brewery’s master brewer and employees.

From Morishima’s official website

The brewer is the manager. The toji is the person in charge of the brewery. Under the toji, there are three roles: kashira (head), koujiya (malt maker), and motoya (yeast maker). The names of the three roles vary depending on the style of sake brewing.

In other words, the manager plays both roles, even in the field. This is an evolution that has been heard here and there in modern times.

After all, toji is a position that requires one to go through training and acquire skills.
It is also an advantage to be able to produce the flavor that the brewer envisions.

Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo

Old caps. Don’t cut your hand.
Open the bottle.

Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo

Banana-based alcohol aroma with just a hint of banana.


Japanl Ranking 162nd
Ibaraki Prefecture Ranking 2nd

Comment: A
Not fancy, but not too sweet, not too spicy, just a good all-rounder .
Great as a food wine!

Comment: B
Aroma: Slight, soft attack. The taste is clear and delicious, with a fresh aftertaste.
Since this sake is from the manager’s hometown, I had no choice but to drink it, but it’s good. It’s good.

Morishima Junmaiginjyo evaluation

Morishima Junmaiginjyo
Morishima Junmaiginjyo evaluation

It has a gaseous feel. It shrieks after the opening of the war! It has a characteristic sweetness. It is a mellow sake. The sweetness is complex at the last sip. The taste is changing rather than refreshing. It is best served cold. It seems to be suitable for aperitifs. It is well-balanced as a whole. It is a taste that can be enjoyed slowly and for a long time.

Today’s snack

golden cuttlefish
golden cuttlefish

Today’s snack is a curry-flavored sakiika squid that I picked up at an antenna store in Niigata the other day.

This is amazing. When you open the package, the smell of curry fills the air. I was worried about whether it would go well with sake, but surprisingly it does.

It was a good day.

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