Easy-drinking aperitif “Ganki”

A dusty, solitary drink by chance. It is hot. Summer sake is on the market. In this hot weather, I wandered to a liquor store, which was cool and great. As one would expect, temperature control is vital. Outside, there were staff members sweating from the transportation work, pouring sake into the store. Thank you for your hard work. There are many cool designs for summer sake. I have been interested in this clear blue color for a while and drink Ganki Sparkling in this summer heat.

  1. Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
  2. Ganki Sparkling Taste Evaluation
  3. Today’s snack: Beef tongue

Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake

Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake
Ganki Sparkling unpasteurized sake

There it is, the blowout caution. I get nervous every time. It’s OK because it’s the type you have to twist to open, but with the type you have to pull like champagne, you have to be very careful about the blowout. I happened to see on the Internet that the rate of outbursts is quite high, and the probability of spills seems to be high. Moreover, since it is a muddy sake, the residue will be overflowed. But still, it’s a nice color.

So, as usual, we ripped off the sealing paper. The correct way to prevent spills is to open and close the cap while letting out the gas that is stored in the bottle. I was unaware of such a thing.

Sure enough, I did it.

As soon as I opened the bottle, it started to overflow like a cola, and I made a mad dash to the sink in a panic. It was a waste of time. I got myself back on track.
It was cloudy. It got mixed up with the fizz.

The aroma of the fizzy stuff is blown away by the carbonation. Just a hint of sweet aroma.


Japanese ranking 46th
Yamaguchi Prefecture Ranking 4th

Comment: A
It is a sparkling unpasteurized sake that continues to ferment in the bottle with the yeast still alive.
This sake is sparkling, so it has a great carbonation.

Taste Evaluation

Taste Evaluation
Taste Evaluation

It is sweet! The taste of rice is strong. It is not as sweet as amazake, but it has a similar taste with less sweetness and carbonation to refresh the taste. It has a sharp taste with little bitterness. I wonder if it can be called “Soshu”. I have been drinking Japanese sparkling wine, and I think it is one of the sweetest. I can’t drink a lot of it. It is best to drink it as an aperitif or with a snack.

Today’s snack: Beef tongue

After saying all that, I ended up eating beef tongue as a side dish.

As expected, the sweet and salty taste was a bit too much for me.

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