Quick sushi bar at Shinagawa Station, where many people transfer in Japan.

Sushi is fast food in Japanese history. Shinagawa’s fish market, Japan’s No. 1, is the very embodiment of this. Located inside a train station, it attracts a wide variety of customers, allowing you to experience the everyday life of Japan.

  1. Uo Gashi Nippon Ichi, Shinagawa Station
  2. Store interior
  3. Menu

Restaurants exist inside train stations in Japan. Shinagawa Station is served by the Shinkansen bullet train, and it is said that a linear motor car will soon arrive there. Shinagawa Station is one of the few large stations in Tokyo where many businessmen come and go. Among the various restaurants is the best fish restaurant in Japan.

Uo Gashi Nippon Ichi, Shinagawa Station

Uo Gashi Nippon Ichi, Shinagawa Station
Uo Gashi Nippon Ichi, Shinagawa Station

Store interior

This restaurant is a standing sushi bar. The Japanese style of eating while standing without sitting down. There are many businessmen here.

I couldn’t even take my time to take pictures. There are two counters. I was led to the counter in the back. Plates and seasonings at hand.

Not being in a mood to eat slowly, I ordered in a hurry.

Sushi is served from the counter at high speed.

Seafood miso soup is the first to be served.

Roughly 8 pieces for $1,000. Not bad, but the fish could be cut a little larger. You can also take it home, so it would be better to eat it slowly when you go far away by train for leisure.




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