Sushi bar popular overseas opens in Japan”Kinka”

I went to Kinka Sushi. A sushi bar from Canada has opened a store in Japan.

  1. Kinka Roppongi
  2. Kinka Shibuya

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So a Japanese went there to evaluate it.
The restaurants are located in Roppongi and Shibuya.
Roppongi is a town for older Japanese.
Shibuya is a town where young people gather.

Kinka Roppongi

kinkasushi Roppongi
kinkasushi Roppongi

Roppongi is for lunch.
Shibuya was for dinner.
The restaurant’s most popular item is mosaic sushi.

kinkasushi Roppongi
kinkasushi Roppongi

Lunch is not that expensive, but dinner may have more atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a place where there are many older customers, such as businessmen.
The taste is not particularly good, but not bad either. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nice, not like a traditional Japanese sushi bar, but more like a modern sushi bar that has evolved into a modern sushi bar

kinkasushi Shibuya

This sushi is not served for lunch, but we visited the Roppongi restaurant.
Lunch is not so expensive. However, to be honest, the taste is not that great. It is not bad, but the taste is not special.

For mosaic sushi, we went to dinner in Shibuya. Reservations are required here. Make a reservation. We came back to the restaurant. This restaurant is full of young people.

kinkasushi Shibuya
kinkasushi Shibuya

We were led to the counter. Finally, we ordered mosaic sushi. I also ordered the Aburi-zushi set.While we were waiting for our order, two sets of Westerners came next to us.

kinkasushi Shibuya
kinkasushi Shibuya
kinkasushi Shibuya
kinkasushi Shibuya

kinkasushi Shibuya
kinkasushi Shibuya

Well, we had it. Sushi from Canada, after all. It is made differently from the sushi I know.

Japanese sushi is made by seasoning raw fish and making the most of the ingredients, such as vinegar or soy sauce marinade.

However, because of the different food culture, sushi from other countries is closer to meat dishes, and fish is seasoned in the same way.

After all, seared sushi and mosaic sushi do not taste vinegary or salty, but rather heavy
It’s like eating sushi, but with about as much fat as eating a pizza. The sense of satisfaction is amazing.

The colors are more artistic than sushi.
The appearance of the colors also has a foreign look. In Japan, real sushi has a lot of wild colors. It is rare to find Japanese food that uses sauces as art.



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