Sake of the Year 2020 Kura Master “Born”

I like to drink sake by myself sometimes. I remember “Bon Hatsuyuki Nigori Sake” was delicious last time, and I was planning to buy it the next time I encounter it. I was staggered back home comfortably, wondering how I should drink it even though I hadn’t drunk it.

  1. Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold
  2. Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold Taste Evaluation

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold

Kura Master won the Platinum and Gold medals at the IWC 2020 London Sake Challenge, which is like winning a three-weight boxing championship.

I was interested to find out more about the brewery.

It has a long history.

All under the brand name “Bon”.

Too many titles

Long history

When was this year? It is too old to be sure. 1860 (A.D.) It is said that it was honored to be used as a local sake for the first time on the occasion of the Emperor Showa’s Grand Ceremonial Ceremony.

All brand name “Bon”.

Today, the brand name “Bon” is officially registered as a trademark in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including Japan. Please don’t use the “Bon” logo without permission.

Too many titles

We have taken many titles both in Japan and overseas. There are so many pages. There is no end to the number of pages. This is Kato Kichihei Kichibei Shoten, the brewery. If you are interested, please take a look.

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold  cap
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold cap

The divine gold old cap has a little less Ginjo aroma.

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold

It has a slightly yellowish color.

Gulp it down!

Japanese ranking 44th
Fukui Prefecture Ranking 2nd

Comment A:
This liquor has a sugary sweet taste and a full mouthfeel. The aroma is of ripe melon and the taste is reminiscent of pear and banana. The candy-like sweetness is shortened by the acidity, leaving a clean finish. It is a well-balanced sake.

Comment B:
Pale golden color with a beautiful and luxurious appearance.
The aroma is fruity but not assertive.
It has a strong sweetness and a lingering aftertaste.
It is not really a food wine, but rather an aperitif.

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold Taste Evaluation

Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold  Taste Evaluation
Bon Junmai Daiginjyo Gold Taste Evaluation

It is a little thick. Is it a mellow sake? The first impression is a little aroma. Complex taste with sweetness and sourness coming at the same time. There is little lactic alcohol acidity, and a sour taste of alcohol at the end of drinking. The best temperatures are chilled, room temperature, and lukewarm. The sweetness may become a little stronger when lukewarm. It seems to go well with green onions and strong flavored dishes such as yakitori sauce.

Today, we bought some green onion bonjiri at the supermarket.

some green onion bonjiri
some green onion bonjiri

This combination is in no stop mode. It goes well together.

It was a good day, too!

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