Do homemade pizza and sake taste good together?

I wander to the liquor store I always go to. It is my habit to wander around several liquor stores, and if the weather is nice, I sometimes spend half a day on my bicycle to get some exercise.

Oh, the label is easy to imagine the taste!

  1. Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
  2. How to read the “Taste” ingredient table
  3. Taste Evaluation
  4. Bacon cheese potato pizza

Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo

Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo

This label shows the taste of sake.

Sake from Kochi Prefecture

Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo

How to read the “Taste” ingredient table

Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo

Sake degree, acidity, and amino acidity.

 Not many of these values are indicated on the label.

Sake meter value (Sake degree)(日本酒度)

The higher the negative value, the spicier the sake is said to be.

Acidity. A rough guide to the degree of sweetness or spiciness (酸度)

The average acidity is around 1.3. The higher the acidity value, the tighter, spicier and darker the sake tastes, and the lower the acidity value, the sweeter and paler the sake tastes.

Amino acidity. A measure of complexity

Amino acids are an important component of flavor. The higher the amino acidity, the more complex the flavor, and the lower the amino acidity, the lighter and lighter the flavor.

Sake degree -15 Acidity 1.7 Amino acidity 1.0

The average sake ginjo-shu has a Sake meter of +3.1, an acidity of 1.32, and an amino acidity of 1.2, so compared to these values, this sake tastes dry, dark, and a little light.

This means that it tastes like a drinker’s favorite.

However, this is an objective figure. Each person has his/her own way of feeling. 

Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo Cap
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo
Kameizumi Junmai Ginjyo Cap

Screw cap.

Open the bottle.

Gulp it down!

Japanese Ranking 50th
Kochi Prefecture Ranking 2nd

Comment A: refreshing and fruity

Comment B: The sweetness and acidity around with the aroma.
Refreshing to the aftertaste.

Taste Evaluation

Impression is a fruity taste with banana-like sweetness. You can feel the sweetness of the rice. The finish is a bit complex. It is not sharp enough to be called “light,” but rather the aroma comes through to the end and the taste is multi-directional and complex. I like dry sake, so I may have found it sweeter than others.

The aroma stands out strongly and the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness tastes like a white wine.

Bacon cheese potato pizza

I made bacon cheese potato pizza with the leftover ingredients.

It looks bad, but it is quite tasty.

It is not a bad match with sake, but I will verify if there are more other pairings.

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