Dry sparkling. Is it wine-like in flavor?

Sparkling is my favorite. There are not many kinds. That’s one thing. Other brands are usually similar. In the midst of such a situation, I made a new search for a new liquor store. I drank “Super_spaicy” before. I found a sparkling one from the “Yamamoto” series. I immediately secured a bottle.

  1. Yamamoto Sparkling
  2. The brewer speaks
  3. Be careful with gassing
  4. What is Ori?
  5. Taste Evaluation
  6. Today’s snack

Yamamoto Sparkling

Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling

Sparkling gold letters and a star mark

Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling

It is a junmai Ginjo, isn’t it? It’s a junmai ginjo. To be honest, it is moderately difficult to find a difference than regular sake with carbonation.

The brewer speaks

As I mentioned before, this brewery sells only one brand name “Yamamoto”. The sound quality is good.

It is pink. Like other sake, I think the color of the label of Yamamoto Sake Brewery is tasteful.
Old type.

Be careful with gassing.

Here is an incident.

Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling

It was an outburst. I haven’t seen this since Coca-Cola. Considering the price of the overflowing liquid, I can’t shake the sense of disappointment.

Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling

With this secondary outburst in the bottle, …be careful about the yeast carbon dioxide gas.

Yamamoto Sparkling
Yamamoto Sparkling

Actually, it is not limited to sparkling. Previously, “Akabu” suddenly exploded inside a bag while traveling by train. While traveling in a car, the cork suddenly popped open like champagne and the contents overflowed. This is the reason why you will be hit by carbonation unexpectedly.

The bottle was protected by a special stopper, but… the inside of the bottle was full of bubbles from the outburst…

This is unexpectedly cloudy. It must be nigori sake. There are some residues which called Ori.

What is Ori?

Ori is the white precipitate that remains after the unrefined sake has been strained to a certain extent with a fine cloth, etc. Sake bottled without removing the orizumi is called orizake. Sake bottled without removing the tailings is called origarami.

Sparkling Yamamoto Extra dry and active sake. It is slightly sweet when bottled, but then the live yeast feeds on the sugar and undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, transforming it into a dry sparkling sake. It is characterized by the lack of residues and the smoothness on the palate. The ingredients are the same as for Pure Black.

From Yamamoto Brewery Official Site

Sip it!

Japanese Ranking 27th
Akita Prefecture Ranking 3rd

Comment A:
Yamamoto’s Sparkling
It was a little too strong, with the nigori (rice) flavor coming to the forefront.
It is not high in alcohol content, but has a strong flavor, so it is just right to drink with a chaser.

Comment B:
It’s perfect for summer, too, the sizzling type.
It tastes like plain yogurt, with less sweetness.
The trick to uncorking it is to put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Taste Evaluation
Yamamoto Sparkling evaluation

Nice lactic sweet and sour taste. It’s changed from yogurt sweetness to characteristic spiciness and sharpness. Since I drank “Do-hai” once, it is very easy to understand Yamamoto’s unique spiciness. The mouthfeel is sparkling, but the finish is clean and refreshing, and the taste is like an adult amazake with a sharpness added. It is so easy to drink that it ranks high among sparkling sake that I would like to drink until now. It is good as an aperitif, but it also goes well with spicy food to mouthwash the spiciness of spicy food.

Today’s snack

This time I made peperoncino with leftover ingredients from the fridge, and when I got carried away and added more chili peppers, it was spicy hot. I drank some gubi gubi Yamamoto to go along with it, and in no time at all, I was drunk. Sweat broke out on my scalp, but sparkling sake is not a bad match for pasta.

I put too much chili pepper in. It was another good day.

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