Young Wave” simple design and taste is aromatic

Today, too, I’m drinking alone. As usual, I am still going to the liquor store in a daze. I have been curious about it for a while. I like the design and the color of the bottle, but I have been passing it by.

  1. Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
  2. Taste Evaluation
  3. Curry together with

But today was the day to pick up this sake.

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo

The design is good. The paper of the label is also good with the image of Japanese paper.

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo

This time I bought Junmai Ginjo. The back label is simple.

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo

Old style cap. Don’t cut your hand.

Sweet aroma of melon and citrus fruits characteristic of Ginjos.

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo

Gulp it down!

Japanese ranking 186th
Fukuoka Prefecture Ranking 4th

Comment: A
Mild and rounded mouthfeel. Balanced, mild mouthfeel.

Comment: B
While brewed with the taste of junmai ginjo rice, it has a strong sense of the strength of a man’s sake, and is a high level of food sake that can be used with both fish and meat.

Taste Evaluation

Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo Chart
Wakanami Junmai Ginjyo Chart

The taste of a Ginjo that does not betray it. Overall, it is gentler than a Ginjo. The sweetness and stimulation is just right. There is almost no miscellaneous taste, and it is easy to finish drinking. It is a royal road in the current style of ginjo. It is one of the mildest among them. Because of its sweetness, it tastes more like a pre-dinner drink or just with sake than a mid-dinner drink. It is recommended to enjoy it sipping rather than drinking in large quantities.

I checked out Wakanami Shuzo Gomei Company -> Here

The concept of the sake is “a pushing wave of flavor and a trailing wave of lingering taste. The taste that comes in quickly and the lingering aftertaste that quickly recedes will make you feel as if you are drifting on a gentle wave. It is a perfect sake for a meal that is not too assertive.

Wakanami Sake Brewing Company

This is not a very long time sake brewery, since it started in 1923. They are competing with only one brand of sake, Wakanami.

They are currently recruiting personnel, indicating a generational change.

curry together with

The  Japanese curry
The Japanese curry

This time, I paired it with curry.

The curry was too strong, so the sweetness of the sake did not come out. This was a failure.

Click here for other West Japan region→Here

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