What is the meaning of the new sake “Arabashiri”?

I wandered off to Nagano last time. I didn’t think anything of it and just went as if I was called by someone.

Later, when I told my friends about my visit to the brewery

They said, “I heard that the new sake is almost ready.

I didn’t pay attention to it… it’s not worth it.

It’s like I’ve been living on luck, relatively speaking…

I’ve bought two bottles of the Masumi series.

For starters, I picked up a bottle of “Arashiri Masumi Nama Genshu”.


Stylish cap bottle

Stylish cap bottle
Stylish cap bottle

The alcohol content is 17% and the milling ratio is 55%, which is more than the other Masumi series.
Yawaraka T-I is 12%, so even with the same name Masumi, the alcohol content is 5% different.

Now, let’s open the package!

Stylish cap bottle

I think it’s a shame to drink it at this point.

Now, I took my first sip in a glass that might break if I knock it over (I have to be careful every time I wash it).

It’s got a strong impact, and you can feel the “it’s sake” coming through the nose at the same time as the fruity sweetness. It’s just like the Masumi series so far. It’s sharp. A pleasant heat of alcohol is transmitted from the throat to the stomach.

The aroma is neither too strong nor too weak, and the taste is very clear with no miscellaneous flavors. I guess the freshness that fills your mouth all at once is Arashibori raw sake.

It is a refreshing good smelling sake that refreshes and optimizes your mouth at once from the raw smell and fatty feeling such as tuna and other fatty raw fish.


What is “Arabashiri”?

Arabashiri → Nakadori → Seme 

Imagine precipitation.
“Arabashiri” is clearer and more transparent.

That’s “Nakadori”.
It is a layer closer to the rice and koji of the raw material, which is in between and has more sedimentation than than the upper clear layer.

The last one, ”seme” is the darkest layer, closest to the raw material. The precipitated ingredients are
It is sometimes sold as sake lees. This is the darkest layer, closest to the raw materials.

Imagine that the upper part of the water is clearer.

This is where the sake lees and other ingredients settle. I don’t know if this is a fair analogy, since it’s something you put in your mouth, but that’s how it is.

As a side note, the character for “清=clear” in sake also comes from the same idea of clarity.

Travel companions I met along the way


Although there is not much in it, this abalone flavor is unexpectedly delicious.

It’s bite-sized, so it disappears from your mouth in a flash, but…

I suddenly wondered if this abalone was captured when I was small.

In Japan, abalones are usually so big that they can be made into steaks, and are considered a luxury food.

It’s peaceful again today!


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