A super dry Akita sake that almost went bankrupt and …

I wandered into a liquor store looking for Jummai-shu hot and dry.

What a Taste! 

Oh, my God. I found everything I wanted.

  1. Super Dry-Jummai Sake Spec.
  2. About Yeast
  3. Taste evaluation
  4. General evaluation
  5. Hot sake
  6. Yamamoto Brewery

I’ve often seen “Yamamoto” which is a famous brand of Akita, Japan. but never bought it at the right time, but I fell in love with the design and got this one this time.

Super Dry-Jummai Sake

Super Dry-Jummai Sake Spec.

It's 15 degrees alcohol
It’s 15 degrees alcohol

It’s 15 degrees alcohol, so it’s got a good fighting chance. It’s dry with sexy yeast, which means it’s sadistic. I found out that it’s a unique yeast that was discovered in Yamamoto’s brewery.

About Yeast

To know the yeast is to know your own taste preferences.

Yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, making it an indispensable microorganism for sake. Recently, a number of yeasts have been developed that produce gorgeous aromatic components.
Some are natural and some are found in breweries, and are classified by the Japan Brewers Association, which collects and cultivates yeast from breweries that place high in the National New Sake Competition and distributes them to sake breweries throughout Japan.
New flavors are being created one after the next. This is what determines the aroma of sake called “Daiginjo” or “Ginjo”. Therefore, if you remember the number of the yeast, it is easy to imagine the aroma of the sake.

65% polished rice, full of rice, Jummai-shu!
65% polished rice, full of rice, Jummai-shu!

65% polished rice, full of rice, Jummai-shu!

Taste evaluation

Super Dry-Jummai-Chart
Super Dry-Jummai-Chart

spicy, but there’s a strong stimulation in the throat! Oh, this is a dry sake. I’ve been drinking a lot of fruity ginjo-shu lately, so it’s dry for a man.

General Evaluation

Japan Ranking: 246th
Akita Prefecture Ranking 16th

Comment : A
Today it’s Yamamoto’s Doshin!
The aroma is very mild, with a faint malted ramune like scent.
On the palate, at first you can taste the flavor of the rice and the freshness of the ramune. Huh…? I thought it might be sweet… but it was short-lived.
I immediately felt bitterness and alcohol, and the sweetness quickly faded away…
This is definitely a dry sake!
I had imagined dry sake to have a clear, watery taste, but this sake has a strong umami taste!
I don’t get tired of drinking it because I don’t feel the slightest hint of sweetness!
This could be a good everyday sake! The price is reasonable, too…
Thank you for the treat!

Comment : B
Impressive name, label.
I’d say it’s spicy .
A little sweetness comes later.
I’m sure you’ll like it too

Super Dry-Jummai Sake
Super Dry-Jummai Sake
Super Dry-Jummai Sake

The cap is old-fashioned, and the aroma is that of pure rice wine with a hint of rice.

Let’s have a quick sip!

Super Dry-Jummai Sake and Sushi
Super Dry-Jummai Sake and Sushi

I wasn’t drinking alone today. I’m back at my parents’ house, and we’re having sushi to go, like an early New Year’s present. If there’s sashimi, it has to be heated. So I heated it up.

Hot sake

Oh, it’s so much more powerful when it’s heated. It’s fragrant, and the spiciness lingers on the palate until the end of the drink. When I gave it to my father, he said, “This is so spicy!

This is a crispy and dry sake. There is almost no sweetness, making it a refreshing sake. I recommend serving it hot. I failed to take a picture of it when it was hot. We finished the whole bottle. We continued talking and laughing until late this evening.

Yamamoto Brewer

Akita Prefecture is one of the most fiercely competitive areas in Japan, with many breweries making very famous sake. The sake brewery we will be visiting this time is the Yamamoto Brewery, a historic brewery that once almost went bankrupt but was revived.

delivery's Sushi in Japan
delivery’s Sushi in Japan

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