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Take a break once in a while_#11_2019 Gold Award Junmai Ginjo Takumi

2019 Gold Award Junmai Ginjo Takumi

It’s getting colder and colder. I feel like eating oden, hot pot and hot sake.

Today, too, I’m drinking alone.
I’ve realized that “Junmai Ginjo” suits my taste. As a beginner, I am vulnerable to titles. 

2019 Gold Award “Junmai Ginjo Takumi”

This is a sake from Kyoto.

It’s called “Nada no Otoko-shu(Male sake), Fushimi no Onna-shu (Female sake)”.

The soft drinking sake made with subsoil water (soft water) in the Fushimi area of Kyoto is famous

as “Fushimi no Onna-shu” (Fushimi women’s sake), a major production area. I bought a cup of sake recently, and I’m going to drink it.

Now, let’s open the package!

The aroma is slightly sweet, the mouthfeel is very gentle and very soft on the palate. That has a weak fruit acidity.

The taste is mellow and suitable for women. It would be a good match with sweet Japanese sweets.

The first sip, The spiciness of the aroma passing through my nose.

And the sweetness will spread in your mouth, creating a “※Tsundere” taste. ※She runs hot and cold

Kunshu Junmai Ginjo 

※Kunshu is a sake with a fragrance and a refreshing feeling. 
Therefore, it contains the taste of rice while retaining the elegant aroma typical of Fushimi in Kyoto. We recommend serving it cold or at room temperature(about 68F). It can also be served by warming sake (about 104F) , but the aroma will be stronger and it may be too sweet.

Junmai Ginjo is a specific type of sake that is produced using only rice and rice malt at a milling ratio of 60% or less, and is labeled Junmai Ginjo.

Sakiika, which smoked squid cut into thin strips is affordable.

Saki Squid is a typical Japanese snack made of smoked squid.

This snack can be found anywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets.

The taste is smoky and salty, similar to gum. It is a favorite snack of many Japanese people.

This is a set of Ochokos , which I got for some reason. It may be a little small for a drunkard.

Today, too, the night goes by slowly.




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