#14Travel to Japan for the Best Japanese Food, Restaurants

The taste changes! Sake that changes its taste! Miracle!

I was invited to a liquor store called “Authority” in Shinbashi Shiodome on my way home from work…

But the tenants are all gone due to Corona.

in Shinbashi Shiodome
in Shinbashi Shiodome

I checked the map. Now, let’s go!


Ippongi Junmai Sake 

Sake from Fukui Prefecture I can’t imagine what kind of sake is from Fukui Prefecture, so I bought some.

The rice polishing ratio is 65%, and it has a lot of rice flavor.

Recently, I’ve been able to get a sense of the capital strength of the brewery by looking at the label on the side and the label on the back.

However, whether sake is good or not has nothing to do with capital power, but with the chemistry between the brewer and the drinker.

Opening the package.


It has a strong mouthfeel.

It has a strong aroma and a strong sour taste. This is a sake from the Showa era. It’s not my favorite sake this time.

Let’s try heating it up (lukewarm).


I’m looking for a change of flavor.

This is a homemade way to warm it up.



The flavor changed more than I expected. The first sip was very mellow and the aroma mellowed. That sharp taste! The corners rounded off. The second sip was mesmerizing.

The second sip, which makes you drink it in a flash. It turns into an adult sweet sake. (I may have overstated the case, but that’s not the point.)

(Maybe I’m overstating things, but that’s not the point.) Mellow or mature sake is best served hot or warm.

However, they don’t always have the recommended temperature on the label. Ichibongyi should be drunk overly warm. It is a very easy to drink sake that will warm your body from the core.

It goes best with strong flavored snacks and hot pots.

Today, I’m using Japanese seasoned egg as my partner.

Brack eggs

In Japan, you will occasionally find boiled eggs that are colored instead of pure white. These eggs are soaked in dashi (Japanese soup stock) and seasoned, which may seem salty to foreigners who are not used to eating them, but they also go well with sake. It has a richer flavor than raw fish such as sashimi and is very tasty. Normally, the fish would be much larger, but this one is compact and bite-sized for snacking.

They are individually wrapped, so you can stop yourself from overeating. You can have one in one bite. The flavor soaks in well and makes a great food snack.

I didn’t know that the taste changed depending on the temperature, and I discovered another new world in the cold season.

I did some research and found out that the brewery has a long history, and I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I enjoyed it again today.

福井県地酒 一本義 純米 720ml 900円

国産 味付たまご 711円




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