Travel. So I went to Nagano Prefecture for the brewery of Masumi.

I pulled up my blanket and thought, “It’s getting cold in the morning…” The sunlight through the curtains prevented me from falling asleep again. The sunlight through the curtains refused to let me fall asleep, and as I lay there in a daze, I thought I was starting to miss hot springs.

It was a good day when I thought of it. I went to the brewery of Masumi, which I’ve been drinking a lot of lately.

The Masumi brewery
The Masumi brewery

We knew in advance that we couldn’t visit the brewery at the right time,

so we drove to the brewery in Kamisuwa, Nagano Prefecture.

The Masumi brewery
tasting discontinuance

I can’t drink because I came here by my car.

Mix Set
New Sake in 2021

I hadn’t been away since the start of the corona season, so I was in a light mood.

Only my luck is good, so I had a great encounter!

Interior view

When I see the words “limited edition” or “new,” I impulsively want to buy it.

Sake is really stylish.

Interior view
Interior view
Japanese garden
Japanese garden

There are three parking lots.

In Nagano

It was a good shopping experience. More on the taste later.

Oh, I forgot to take a bath.

Please look at the autumn leaves. The price of gasoline is too high (sweat)


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