Toyama Prefecture is a popular tourist destination for Japanese. A region where food and history meet

I have traveled to Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

  1. Toyama Castle
  2. White shrimp
  3. Sushi
  4. Black ramen

Toyama Castle

There was a time in history when Toyama Prefecture was famous as a medicine seller.

The reason was that during the Edo period, feudal lords had to stay in the Edo shogunate (present-day Tokyo) for a certain period of time. The reason for this was that during the Edo period, feudal lords were required to stay in Edo Shogunate (present-day Tokyo) for a certain period of time. During their stay in Edo, they gave medicines to another lord who was injured, which led to a rumor that medicines from Toyama Prefecture were effective, and people from all over the country began to buy them.
From there, medicine developed as a local industry in Toyama Prefecture.
This is the history of this castle.

White shrimp

white shrimp
white shrimp

The most famous product in Toyama is “shiroebi” (white shrimp).
White shrimp can be caught in Toyama Bay, but their freshness is short and they cannot be distributed to distant places. It is only available in the Toyama area, so we hope you will try it when you visit Toyama.

tempura soba

The photo shows “white shrimp” tempura soba. A local buckwheat noodle shop in front of the station.


1-227, Meiwa-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan JR Toyama Station



Fresh fish from the calm Toyama Bay is also famous. Sushi is the most popular.

Black ramen

black ramen
black ramen

Black ramen” is a type of ramen made with black soy sauce. The peppery, chewy noodles are exquisitely delicious.

Address:Patio Sakura 2F, 1-4-20 Sakura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Restaurant Name :Gatsuri-Ebisuko

Toyama Station at night
Toyama Station at night

Toyama station at night. Unlike Tokyo, there are not many people, and time passes leisurely.



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