The deepest Showa-era store in Japan

#12Travel to Japan for the Best Japanese Food, Restaurants Shinbashi Ekimae Building No.1

After a long weekend of work, I went to the first basement floor of the Shinbashi Ekimae Building No. 1.

Time travel to the deep, deep Showa era. Koryu (← chestnut)

I ordered the omakase sake set. There were a lot of customers, probably after the ban on self-restraint was lifted.


We were offered these three kinds of sake. Personally, I think I prefer Sawanoi Junmai.


I stopped by this store after a quick internet search when the self-restraint was momentarily relaxed.
At that time, I was the only customer.

The owner and I had learned a lot about sake, and I was planning to ask him about it again this time, but the place was crowded. I’m glad to see it’s thriving.

Next time, I’ll go to study when it’s not so crowded.



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