#13Travel to Japan for the Best Japanese Food, Restaurants

A Huge Wagyu Beef

I visited a famous BBQ restaurant in Japan that had a huge Wagyu beef that I really wanted to try.
The name of the food was “Kuroge Wagyu Beef Overflowing Kalbi”.
If you want to try this, you must make a reservation.
Only those who make a reservation will be served this premium wagyu.
In Tokyo, there are many restaurants, and overseas, there are already restaurants in New York and Hong Kong, with plans to open a restaurant in Shanghai.
It is a Japanese-style BBQ restaurant with a strong sense of entertainment that has the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurants.
I had to try it, so I did.

Futago means “twins” in English. Easy to remember, right?

If you come to Japan, you should definitely go and eat there. You can also enjoy huge Wagyu beef such as harami that sticks out. The average price is between 500 yen and 600 yen. The average price is 500 to 600 yen, and the meat in the video is about 1,900 yen.
The average price is 500 to 600 yen. If you want to try the best beef tongue sirloin steak, they also have it.
If you like Japanese beef, you should go to this restaurant.
The name of the restaurant is “Osaka Yaki Futago”.
Futago means “twins” in English. Easy to remember, right?

Thank you for reading to the end.
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And please come visit me in Japan.




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