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Japanese Sake (Ginjo, Seisyu) xWhat is bright red sake? 

Weekends are for relaxing with Japanese sake

While I was strolling around, I saw some red sake at the Ginza Niigata Antenna Shop.

※About Antenna Shop “Outlets that sell regional foods and products, often established by the prefectural governments or local organizations aimed at promoting local specialties and tourism.”

The colors caught my eye! “Jozen Mizunogotoshi” (cold sake)

After sake is brewed and squeezed in winter, it undergoes a heat treatment called “Hi-ire” “火入れ” ※About Hi-ire “Heat sterilization.”

twice to prevent deterioration. Sake that is brewed in the winter without being heated is called “nama-sake””生酒”.

“Hiyaoroshi” refers to sake that has not been heated for a second time during the sake making process. Sake that has been squeezed in the winter is then stored in the spring and afterwards, this process of “Hi-ire” is done once.

The term “hiyaoroshi,” which means sake that is released in autumn when the temperature outside is about the same as the temperature in the storage room, is said to have originated in the Edo period. It is so called because it is “卸””sale” in the state of “冷””chilled,” which means room temperature in terms of sake temperature. This is the origin of the word “Hiyaoroshi” “冷卸”.

“Jozen Mizunogotoshi” 上善如水 ”Hiyaoroshi” 冷やおろし Autumn Limited Edition Products(秋限定商品)


It has a slightly stronger aroma than the “Jozen Mizunogotoshi” Junmai-shu sold in supermarkets, and the unique sourness of sake bottle be felt slightly more than Junmai-shu.


I bought this bottle because of the red color, but the bottle is only red.

It is transparent.

Since it is a Junmai Ginjo, it goes well with both light and strong flavored dishes.

I think it would go well with fish with grated radish.

It has a mellow taste that is just right for use as an aperitif.

Rather than drinking a lot, enjoy a small quantity.

It is recommended to drink it chilled.

The taste of sake changes with the seasons.

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