It has many fans in Japan. Tasty Rice wine that never fails

  1. Denshu Special Jummai shu
  2. Special contract stores
  3. Taste evaluation
  4. snack noodle

It’s another dusty, rainy day for drinking alone. I’m too lazy to go out, but my mind is fidgety. But my mind is fidgety and restless. It’s raining all day, but let’s go out to refresh ourselves. So I wandered to a famous liquor store.

It’s located in a slightly confusing area through the Nonbay Street (an area lined with izakaya) from Kitasenju Station, and it’s not easy to enter. The area to the left of the entrance is for eating and drinking, and the area to the right is for buying sake. As I was looking around, I saw some sake on the bottom shelf! You’re in luck! It says, “Limit one bottle per person.

Denshu Special Jummai shu


I knew it was a rare thing. I was glad to have come here in the rain, and went home with it in my arms.

I didn’t know when I’d be able to get my hands on it again, so I felt it would be a shame to open it, but I resigned myself to the fact that it was made to be drunk.

A representative sake of Aomori Prefecture. The name of the brewery is Nishida Shuzo.

Special contract stores

Denshu cap
Denshu cap

I opened the package. Old Cap

Japan Ranking 4th
Aomori Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment : A
I bought it on the recommendation of a store employee who told me it goes well with sashimi and sushi. It has a subtle sweetness with a clear, refreshing aftertaste that does not interfere with the ingredients.
It is easy to drink, but I think it is a little sad to drink it by itself. It would be good for evening drinks.

Comment : B
Amazingly apple. Delicious.
Color: normal.
Aroma: Normal.
First touch: Tangy and spicy.
Taste: completely apple.
Aftertaste: refreshing. Apple

Taste evaluation


I could see why it was so popular. The balance is really good. The mouthfeel is not too strong, with a fruity flavor unique to Ginjo, followed by a sharpness that will convince sake lovers to drink up. The spiciness is well expressed, and the first impression is that of a person who is friendly, but also has a strong personality. It’s a total no-brainer. There is a little bit of tanginess and flavor on the tongue. This is a taste that can be easily accepted by everyone. It has a good balance that people who are not used to sake can enjoy, and it can be a chance for people who are not used to sake to start liking it. It is a mellow sake that goes well with all kinds of food. It’s a shame that I don’t know when I’ll be able to see it again.

snack noodle

roasted pork
roasted pork

In case you’re wondering, this time I had a mysterious set of cinnamon noodles at Familymama, so I went all out. I was surprised to find noodles in it.

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