Japanese standing bar where women drink alone.

Sake is becoming more and more popular among young Japanese these days.
Originally, Japanese izakaya restaurants were usually seated at tables. However, standing bar style restaurants where people can drink easily are gradually increasing in number.

Few restaurants claim to specialize in sake, but we will tell you about their atmosphere.

This restaurant is the stylish one.

The interior of the restaurant looks like this

Stand up and drink. There are no tables to sit at.

They can drink all the sake in the restaurant. Sake is also available for sale, so you can sample and drink as well.

store interior
store interior

There is quite a wide variety.

store interior
store interior

Young women also enjoy it alone.

There is a set of sake tasting, so this time I ordered a reasonably priced set that allowed me to enjoy several different types in small quantities.

Sake is the main drink, but beer is also available.


This time, one of the breweries was in the sake tasting set, so I enjoyed that type of sake.


Gradually, more and more such bars are opening, so if you want to enjoy a variety of sake flavors, search for them.


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