Special menu only at Ueno branch. Misakikou

In Japan, sushi is cheap and easy to find anywhere.
Today I visited a place where you can get this unique sushi for $1.

So far, I have been to “Kura-zushi“, “Sushiro“, and other famous conveyor belt sushi restaurants all over Japan.

This time, I visited a famous local restaurant. Although it claims to be a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, it is a restaurant where the chef makes the sushi.

  1. Miura Misakikou
  2. How to order
  3. First of all, the highlight of the menu; I ordered the $1 tuna platter.
  4. Finally, the Arashio soup.

Miura Misakikou

sushi misura misakikou

Tuna Wholesaler “Miura Misakikou” is mainly located in Kanagawa Prefecture, next to Tokyo. They also have a branch in Singapore. I went to the Ueno branch in Tokyo.

Ueno has been home to many wholesalers since ancient times and has a shopping district famous in Tokyo for its restaurants, clothing stores, dry goods, etc. Many people come here to enjoy shopping, eating and drinking. There are also a lot of sushi restaurants, and Miura Misakikou, a tuna wholesaler, had a lot of customers even after lunch time.

sushi misura misakikou
sushi misura misakikou
sushi misura misakikou
sushi misura misakikou order
sushi misura misakikou order

The spinning plate is probably an advertisement. I’m not sure either.

How to order

Ordering is done in the traditional style of writing on a piece of paper. If you can’t write Japanese, it’s not easy. To be honest, this style is a bit troublesome even for Japanese. Tabbed is easy and good. When you have decided on your order, write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to the cook or waitress.

There is a small plate for soy sauce, so use it only for soy sauce, unlike the old conveyor belt sushi.

The price is a little higher than conveyor belt sushi. It’s not the same price all the time. There are some unusual ingredients. This is the difference from chain restaurants.

First of all, the highlight of the menu; I ordered the $1 tuna platter.

A huge bowl of tuna
A huge bowl of tuna

Let’s break it down and eat it. You can’t eat it in one bite. It’s almost like sashimi. It tastes healthy because it’s not fatty. One of the features of this Ueno restaurant is this large roll. They also have a variety of other dishes such as a large prawn dish.

Salmon Mix
Salmon Mix

Salmon with cheese. Seared salmon, regular salmon.
Unlike conveyor-belt sushi, the sushi is made by hand, so the rice is firm and the ingredients are on top, making the sushi better than chain restaurants.

Gari (ginger)
Gari (ginger)

Gari (ginger) I eat gari to refresh my palate, so if your palate gets greasy, eat it to refresh yourself.

Hand Delivery

Hand Delivery
Unagi Sushi
Raw shirasu

Today’s top choice, “Unagi Sushi,” is sweet and delicious.
Raw shirasu. Do you understand shirasu? It is a small fish eaten whole. All Japanese people eat it.

Finally, the Arashio soup.
Ara soup

And finally, ara soup. In this kind of sushi restaurant, I recommend the sushi restaurant’s miso soup.
Arashiru is a miso soup made from the bones of the fish.
Arashi refers to the head and bones of the fish, which cannot be made into sushi.
The meat around the bones is very tasty, and the meat of the head and cheeks is also very tasty, though only a little.

The ara soup (miso soup) is more delicious at sushi restaurants with well-trained craftsmen than at conveyor-belt sushi chains. The soup is made by extracting the broth from the bones of the fish, which are filled with the flavor of the fish that cannot be produced by amateurs. It is not easy to make at home.




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