Hot sake 50 degrees, and pert.

It’s cold! It feels a lot colder this year. That’s why I’ve become the kind of guy who gets involved with the owner of the store, asking him what kind of sake is suitable for hot heating. When I bought Shin Tschida before, he gave me another recommendation for Tokachi. It’s called Tsutsumi Sei Shudo.

  1. Tokachi Jummai Sake
  2. About the Sake Brewer
  3. Hot=about 50 degrees
  4. Evaluation of the taste
  5. What’s “Atarime”?

Tokachi Jummai Sake

Tokachi Jummai shu
Tokachi Jummai shu

This family crest-like design has a lot of impact, doesn’t it?

Tokachi Jummai shu

About the Sake Brewer

According to the official website, the pentagonal shape of the family crest represents the five tastes of Japan, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and astringent, using the character for “big” in Daisetsuzan and the beautiful Ainu design as a motif.

It is a famous brewery in Hokkaido. Originally a brewing company from Mie Prefecture, the brewery moved to Kamikawa-cho, where winters can reach -20 degrees Celsius, and built breweries in Tokachi in 2020 and Hakodate in 2021. However, it is still very popular.

Click here for the official website.→Here

Tokachi Jummai shu
Tokachi Jummai shu
Tokachi Jummai shu
Tokachi Jummai shu

The brewery is located in Hokkaido, and the ingredients are probably “Ginpu”, “Suisei”, or “Kitashizuku”. The rice polishing rate is also 70%, and I expect the rice to be sweet.

There it is, the stylish screw cap!

It’s a snow brand.

Hot=about 50 degrees

Raccoon dog toke
Raccoon dog toke
hot=about 50 degrees
hot=about 50 degrees

Let’s put the raccoon in the cage and heat it up for about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

About one minute and twenty seconds. In case you’re wondering, the names are: lukewarm=about 40 degrees, Jokan=about 45 degrees, hot=about 50 degrees, Tobikirikan=about 55 degrees or more.
See the other page for more details.


I resisted the urge to drink it for as long as it took to warm up.

JapanRanking 542nd
Hokkaido Ranking 11

A refreshing taste in the mouth. The full flavor of rice expands and is crisp and clean. The overall impression is of a light, refreshing, and well put-together food sake.

It has a soft sweetness and acidity, and is moderately mellow, a characteristic of the Kamikawa Taisetsu Comet. It is delicious every time I drink it.
One of the brands that got me dragged into the swamp.
Glad to see the potential of Hokkaido rice!
The umami and richness floats in the air and slowly fades away.
I’ll make love to you, I’ll make love to you, I’ll make love to you, I’ll make love to you


Evaluation of the taste

Tokachi Jummai shu chart

As I expected, the aroma of this sake rises quickly when it is heated. It has a sweet aroma with a hint of sourness that tells you it’s sake. It’s a mellow sake. The mouthfeel is not too acidic, and the sweetness is not too sweet. It does not have any drastic characteristics. However, it is very easy to drink. It has a good balance because of its low individuality. It is an excellent match with atarime and other habitual snacks. Many junmai sakes have a sweetness that gets stronger when the temperature gets a little warmer, but Tokachi’s sweetness stays the same even when the temperature drops, and lukewarmed sakes taste great lukewarm. But Tokachi remains sweet even when the temperature drops. I never get tired of it. You could probably finish a whole bottle in no time at all. If you’re used to drinking sake to a certain extent, you’ll enjoy it very much. It does not have the spiciness of the old days, but rather than a modern style, it has the nostalgic taste of the Showa era arranged in a way that makes it very easy to drink and keep drinking for a long time. It is a good sake.

What’s “Atarime”?
dried squid
dried squid

Atarime is dried squid whose internal organs have been removed.

The more you chew Atarime, the more you taste its flavor .

The word “atarime” is a paraphrase of the word “suru” in “surume.
The “suru” in “surume” is the same as “suru” which means to lose money in gambling, and “suru” which means to steal a purse or money.
Since “surume” is considered to be a good luck charm and is also used as a tying gift, the word “surume” was replaced with the good luck word “hit” to avoid bad luck and the word “perume” was used.

Squid is a very familiar food to Japanese people, and is often depicted with sake in manga.
Foreigners may find it salty and very tough, but it tastes best when dipped in mayonnaise. If you want more stimulation, you can add shichimi (seven spices) to it to make it more Japanese!

Click here for more sake from Hokkaido→Here

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