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This time, I went with the intention of buying a bottle of Sharaku, which is sure to appear in the sake rankings in 2021.
In fact, I’ve seen this Sharaku in many places.

  1. About Sharaku
  2. Water is important for sake
  3. Taste evaluation
  4. Today’s snack

Sharaku Jummai shu

Sharaku Jummai shu
Sharaku Jummai-shu

About Sharaku

Sharaku Jummai-shu

The kanji and washi labels are very austere.
The only thing is that it is written in old characters that you can’t read without reading kana.

Speaking of Sharaku, he was a mysterious Ukiyo-e artist named Toshusai Sharaku, who was famous in the Edo period. He lasted only 10 months. This is a painting that every Japanese person has seen at least once. The sake of the same name, Sharaku.

Water is important for sake

Sharaku Jummai-shu

The content is 16% alcohol by volume, which is quite high.

It is a sake from Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture. When I looked at the website, I found that there are various water veins flowing through the area, and the environment seems to be conducive to growing enough rice.
The homepage is one of the simplest I’ve ever seen.

Water is very important for sake. Most of Japan has soft water, while most of the rest of the world has hard water. Depending on the degree of soft water in Japan, the taste of the sake will change. In the Edo period, Yamamura Tae Zai Mon, the head of Sakura Masamune, realized that even if the same process was used to make the same sake, the quality of the sake would vary depending on the water quality. This led to the creation of new businesses such as “Water-shop,” which sold only the water used to make sake, and “water carriers,” which specialized in transporting high-quality water.

What’s more, what’s amazing about Miyaizumi Sake Brewery is that they run their business with only three brands: Genbu Shochu, Sharaku Sake, and Miyaizumi. Of course, they change the specific brands such as Junmai-shu and Daiginjo, but the fact that they can survive by dressing up these three idols is proof of their popularity.

Sharaku Jummai-shu cup
Sharaku Jummai-shu cup
Sharaku Jummai-shu cup
Sharaku Jummai-shu cup

It’s an old-fashioned cap.

Opening the package.

I put it in the sake cup I got for the year-end gathering.


9th in Japanese ranking
Fukushima ranking #1

comment A:
Long time no see.
Sharaku! Back to the roots!
It’s sweet on the palate, but the pleasant bitterness spreads and disappears quickly! Ahhhh, delicious. Really delicious!

comment B:
Love the rice, love the sake, love the people” ✨The gold-lettered label is simple and the kanji and name are cool. I heard it was fruity but it’s not that fruity or sweet, but the rice flavor and sweetness is nice and spreads on the palate and disappears quickly, the lingering taste is short and clean‼️and there’s a little bitterness but it’s a nice accent. The balance is great. Personally, I think it’s THE sake 🍶.

This brewery sells only three brands.

Official Website→Here

Taste evaluation

It’s delicious. It has a mellow mouthfeel, and at the same time, the acidity peculiar to sake is almost imperceptible, yet the aroma is fruity and easy to drink. This is a fragrant sake. At the end of the drink, the lingering sweetness of the melon, as it is commonly called, remains, and the taste is very well balanced. I can understand why it is so popular. It is easy to drink and can be enjoyed by beginners and sake lovers alike. It is not too overpowering and will go well with any kind of food. An all-around type. If you like sake, you should try it at least once.

Today’s snack

Today’s entree was Baby Star Ramen.
I guess I should have prepared something better for this sake.

Kitakata Ramen Snack
Kitakata Ramen Snack
Kitakata Ramen Snack
Kitakata Ramen Snack

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