Kimono girls and fresh sake make for a delicious meal.

  1. What is “Namazume-shu (raw filling)”?
  2. Namazume-shu (raw filling)
  3. Taste
  4. Taste evaluation

I remember seeing something about it on You Tube or something recently.
It features this Japanese pattern, and I picked it up. There were other great sakes that I wanted to get, but I couldn’t take many home, so I bought this one because of the phrase “super dry after careful examination. Purchased Hikariya in Kamata.
I have a weakness for limited edition products.

Here’s where you can buy it→Here


being a good talker
“Kudoki-jozu” being a good talker

Japan Ranking: 131st
Yamagata Prefecture Ranking No.8

It is said to be super dry, but it has a good flavor and is not too dry, making it easy to drink and delicious.

It’s spicy, but has a nice sweetness and flavor.
It’s easy to eat!

What is “生詰 Namazume-shu (raw filling)”?

being a good talker
“Kudoki-jozu” being a good talker
being a good talker
“Kudoki-jozu” being a good talker

The label is nice, isn’t it? I think it’s more like a jacket purchase. I was also attracted by the design. I read the item carefully.

Namazume-shu (raw filling)

生詰酒” Namazume-shu

In order to understand this, you need to know how to “Hiire(火入れ)” (fire it).
This is the process of pasteurization by applying heat.
The purpose of this process is to stop the enzymes from working in the sake, and to kill off malignant lactic acid bacteria, called fire-retardant bacteria, which can cause problems with the flavor of the sake.

On the other hand, there is also the option of not purchasing sake in order to preserve its fresh flavor.

The term “生詰酒” Namazume-shu” means that the sake has been heated only once.
It means that heat has been applied to the sake at the stage before it is heated and bottled from the “original” sake.

This means that the process retains more of the original flavor of the sake.

If the sake is not heated at all, it is called “生酒Nama-shu”.

being a good talker
Turtle mark cup

Old style bottle caps from the past.

Turtle mark

The aroma is not very strong, but the gentle fruity scent of Ginjo can be smelled faintly.



being a good talker
“Kudoki-jozu” being a good talker
being a good talker
“Kudoki-jozu” being a good talker

Oh, it’s not spicy at all. On the contrary, the sweetness is more restrained and crisp than the Ginjo type. I think I can have it with chocolate as an appetizer.

Taste evaluation
Kudoki-jozu chart
Kudoki-jozu chart

It is sharp without any miscellaneous taste.
It seems to go well with sashimi, and also with soup such as nabe. It has a good mouthfeel like water and leaves a gentle fruity aroma in your throat.
However, if the food is too dense, such as Chinese food, the goodness of the sake may not be fully expressed.
With lightly flavored dishes, the sake seems to have a coolness to it that doesn’t bring out its individuality. It seems to be a good match for Japanese food in general. 

Yamadaho is 55% Yamada Nishiki before breeding. It feels like a flavored sake. It seems to be good at room temperature, but if you want to enjoy its crispy texture, it is best served chilled. It can be enjoyed by people who are not good at drinking sake and people who are used to drinking sake.

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Click here for more sake from Tohoku→Here



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