Hard to find series. Aramasa. White malted rice.

Even a dusty one person drink. By chance. I had been looking for it for a long time and finally found it. It’s a “Aramasa” flax cat(Amaneko). It’s for one person only, right?

Aramasa Brewery’s official website→here

  1. Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)
  2. Taste Evaluation
  3. Pork Belly Cartilage (pork belly tip cartilage)
  4. What is Pork Belly Cartilage

This brewery’s sake is so popular right now that the general public rarely has a chance to get their hands on it.

There are other series, but drink it anyway. It’s like that, isn’t it? When I was a student working part-time at an izakaya, Kikumasamune, Tengumai, and Aramasa were always available in the store and treated like beer, but nowadays you can’t get them.

Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)

Aramasa" flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)

It was just by chance that I came across them, so I bought them immediately. However, this Flax Cat is different from other series in that the malted rice is white malted rice. White yeast is used to make shochu, and most sake uses yellow yeast, so it is a variation of Aramasa. The other series are too popular and will probably not be available anytime soon. I miss the time when I used to pour without worrying about overflowing with a bottle.

Aramasa" flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)

Many of the words are familiar to enthusiasts. Yeast used: “Kyokai No. 6” is Shinsei’s yeast.

With white yeast, the citric acid is said to give a refreshing sour taste. White koji was discovered by mutation of black koji. I only have an image of citric acid being used for cleaning…

Aramasa" flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa" flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)

It’s like breaking the seal. It’s an old cap.

The feeling of unsealing, the one where a specter comes out from inside.

Aramasa" flax cat (Amaneko)
Aramasa” flax cat (Amaneko)

The sour, acidic aroma of old-fashioned sake. It has a gaseous feeling and is shrieking.


Japanese Ranking #1
Akita Prefecture Ranking #1

Comment: A
Bottle like wine Delicious.

Comment: B
Mouthfeel like a sweet white wine
The sweetness and umami of the rice is strong. This is sake after all!

Taste Evaluation

Aramasa" flax cat(Amaneko) Chart
Aramasa” flax cat(Amaneko) Chart

Mmmm, it’s my first time to drink white yeast rice. It has a strong taste. It doesn’t have much of a sake feel. It’s almost like a cocktail. It tastes like white peaches. Rather than pairing it with food, it seems to be more compatible with desserts, etc. It seems to be well received by women. It might be better to drink it alone. I can imagine it with Japanese or Western sweets. It is not described as dry. It is well worth a try, but I think it would be easier to drink it as a new cocktail than as sake.

Pork Belly Cartilage

pork belly cartilage
Pork Belly Cartilage (pork belly tip cartilage)
What is Pork Belly Cartilage
Pork Belly Cartilage
Pork Belly Cartilage (pork belly tip cartilage)

For someone who says dessert is good as my recommendation, pair it with cartilage. And it comes with a delicious ponzu (Japanese citrus juice). I think the compatibility was a bit of a failure this time. The mellow cartilage was delicious. I think a dry sake would be good with this.

What is pork belly cartilage (pork belly tip cartilage)?

Pork belly cartilage, also known as pica, is the part attached to the end of a pig’s ribs. Misawa City in Aomori Prefecture is famous for its “paica cuisine”, and there are many restaurants that serve a variety of paica dishes such as paica rice bowl, paica curry, and paica cutlet. In fact, the cartilage of pork belly is a rare part of the pig, and only a few hundred grams can be obtained from one pig, but it used to be thrown away because it is too hard to eat as it is. However, the Misawa Livestock Breeders’ Association decided that it would be a shame to throw away such a delicious part, so they started serving paica nabe at events, and now it has become one of Misawa City’s representative gourmet foods.

Let’s have it appear again with another sake.

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