It’s not Lake Town. Wind Forest. Popular sake from Nara Pref

Last year at the last minute
Last year, I got a bottle of “Kaze no Mori” that I had been looking for.

  1. Kaze no Mori Unfiltered Raw Sake 507 Series
  2. Taste Evaluation “Kazenomori”
  3. Cheese Almond Okaki
  4. Sake rice determines the taste of sake

Kazeno Mori 507

Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori

I couldn’t find it at any liquor store, so I just happened to see it online! I dashed to the liquor store to buy it.

Here→Liquor store

Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori

There it is! I’m so impressed!

Kaze no Mori Unfiltered Raw Sake 507 Series

Here→About Unfiltered Raw

Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori

A picture of an image of the milling rate of rice.
No, it’s hard to notice. The staff member said, “Yes, that’s right,” and I just noticed it.

“Kaze no Mori” is made from rice grown locally at the brewery. The importance of rice in sake.

Oh, I would like to share with someone the excitement of discovering what I’ve been looking for. That’s how I feel.

Stylish bottle caps, after all!

Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori


Kazeno Mori
Kazeno Mori


Taste Evaluation “Kazenomori”

This was exactly what I expected. I can understand why it has a high reputation. It’s more like white wine than sake. It does not have the sourness characteristic of sake, but is more like wine. The aroma and sweetness increase on the tongue.

It may be like a cocktail, like an aperitif. It may go well with cheese, chocolate, sweets, and Japanese sweets. It seems to go well with light meals. The name of the product, “Kaze no Mori,” makes it seem like a fairy. It is a perfect scented sake that is clear, elegant, and delicate rather than sludgy.

It’s Yummy.

Cheese Almond Okaki
Cheese Almond Okaki

Cheese Almond Okaki

These are Japanese rice crackers topped with cheese and almonds, and are available at Japanese convenience stores. This is a very popular snack that combines the sweetness of the cheese with the aroma of the almonds and the saltiness of the rice crackers.Even if it’s only this snack, I can’t stop eating it once I start. Roughly 300 yen for a pack of 16 pieces.

A snack such as cheese okaki would be appropriate.
Other light dishes such as salads and carpaccio will go well with it.
If it’s too strong, the goodness of Mori no elf will be lost.

Sake rice determines the taste of sake

Kaze no Mori is a sake produced by a brewery in Nara Prefecture.
It is made from rice called “Akitsuho”.
When making sake, the most important ingredient is the rice grain.

In order to make sake, you need to grow rice ears specifically for sake, which is different from the rice we eat everyday. Yamada-Nishiki is the most famous type of rice in Japan today.

So, what kind of difference does the rice grain make?
In the center of the rice grain there is a part called “shinpaku” (heart white), and the shape of this “shinpaku” determines the taste of the sake.

In short, the selection of the rice and the way it is made determines the direction in which the sake will be made.


After continuing to use this rice for more than 20 years, it has become an indispensable rice in our sake brewing process. Akitsuho can be said to be the quintessential rice of Kaze no Mori, or a “Kaze no Mori koutekimai”, where “koutekimai” means “optimal rice for”.

The word Akitsuho comes from the ancient name for Japan “Akitsushima” combined with “ho” the Japanese word for ear (part of cereal plant). “Akitsu” is the old Japanese word for dragonfly. Ruins of an ancient capital can be found in an area called “Akitsu” in our local city Gose.

Here→Official site

I was able to drink the sake of my dreams in 2021!

Click here for more sake from the Kansai area.→Here


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