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日本酒 Japanese’Sake


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Japanese Sake (Ginjo,Seisyu) x Drink it on Halloween.

Since I had some time on my hands at Corona, I decided to find a hobby that I could enjoy for a long time.
So I took the sake license.
I got the third grade.

Today, I’d like to introduce some of the sake I drank.

Yu Yu You

游  ゆう You

Junmai Ginjo


This is a phonetic character that expresses the image of a swimmer wavering about. When you add up the kanji, you get 氵 (water) + 斿 (flag wobbling) = 游 (wobbling, swimming, floating). Floating. Floating, playing). 


A sake that expresses its flavor purely through the use of rice.
Ginjo-shu is a kind of sake that expresses a variety of flavors by adding aroma.

The others are made in different ways.
The name of the sake depends on which method is used.
In this case, it is Junmai Ginjo.

In this case, it is Junmai Ginjo.
This time, it’s Junmai Ginjo, so it’s about halfway between Ginjo and Junmai.
This time, it is Junmai Ginjo, so the taste is almost in the middle of Ginjo and Junmai.

The taste is like that of a scented sake.

What I like these days is
Chill it in the freezer until it is frozen.
I take it out a few minutes before drinking.

By chilling it, the sourness and aroma unique to sake are suppressed.
and aroma are suppressed.
As the chilled temperature gradually
As the temperature becomes room temperature, the aroma can be felt.
The temperature is adjusted so that the first sip is easy to drink.

We chill it because it is a smoky sake, but for mellow or mature sake
But for mellow or mature sake, I drink it in a different way.

Yu Yu You

游  ゆう You

This sake is very easy to drink.
At the first sip, you can feel the unique sourness that is typical of sake, but after the second sip, that feeling disappears, and you can enjoy the aroma and taste without any snacks.

It’s almost like white wine, and it’s better than greasy food.
It seems to go well with light dishes such as sashimi and chilled tofu. It is a favorite among women.

Thank you for reading to the end.
If you find it interesting, please follow me.
And please come visit me in Japan.




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