Toyama Prefecture has some of the freshest fish in Japan and fish that can only be found here.

This time I visited Toyama Prefecture, one of the most delicious fish in Japan

It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen.

  1. Himi Banya Gai in the building
  2. Himi Mae Sushi

Toyama Bay is said to be a natural fish tank, a bay that is rich in food for fish due to the easy generation of prakuton.

Even at a typical conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Toyama, the freshness of the fish and rare fish can be different from those in Tokyo.

Among them, Michi-no-Eki (roadside stations) are built for sightseeing and are equipped with facilities that allow visitors to enjoy a variety of seafood from Toyama.

Himi Banyagai


25-5 Kitadaimachi, Himi City, Toyama Prefecture

Official site Himi Banyagai

Himi Banya Gai

In one section of the area, there is a revolving sushi bar.

Himi Banya Gai
Himi Banya Gai

Himi Mae Sushi

It’s a little late for lunch, so the place is sparsely populated.

What is spinning is not sushi but a teacup.

Order today’s recommended sushi, which can only be found here.

In Tokyo, it will not find filleted fish of this thickness.

It is available in foreign languages for tourists, so I hope you will try it.


Sake is mainly local sake from Toyama. Unfortunately, I was not able to drink it because we were able to drive up to this point.

It is very fresh and above all, the fillet is thick and satisfying.

It is a sushi bar with fish that cannot be found in Tokyo and is unique to the region.

The area facing the Sea of Japan is one of the best areas in Japan for fish.

You can also eat Himi beef at this place, which is a must-visit when you are in Toyama.



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