For beginners, easy to drink sake with light alcohol content

Today, too, I am drinking alone in the dust. It is the end of the Bon vacation. I didn’t do anything in particular. In fact, the liquor store was closed and my only hobby was…. So I wandered around a large liquor store. I decided to buy by feeling once in a while.

  1. Shizengo
  2. Taste Evaluation
  3. Today’s snack



Cool nature and water design. I looked up “mellow pure rice” to see what it was all about. However, it seems that they wanted to express that it is junmai brewed with yeast in the original word pattern.

It is an old cap.

Opening the bottle

The aroma is similar to that of Kido, with a sweet melon-like aroma.


Japanese ranking 135th
Fukushima Prefecture Ranking 12th

Comment :A
The color is near clear. A faint ginjo aroma rises to the top.
In the mouth, it has a banana-like aroma and a mild mouthfeel combined with sweetness and umami.

Comment: B
Fairly fruity

Taste Evaluation

Taste Evaluation

The aroma is weaker than Kido’s and it is easy to drink. The balance between the sweetness of the rice and the ginjo aroma is good. It is recommended to be served cold or at room temperature, and there seems to be little resistance for beginners. It is not too sweet and is good to drink out of. It is natural. It seems to go well with light foods such as aperitifs, desserts, salads, and tofu on its own.

Today’s snack


I had some leek salt sauce left over, so I poured it over a piece of tofu. It was a great combination.

It was another good day.

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