This drink has a story to tell. Mrs。Rumiko

Today, I received a gift. A friend of mine, who knows I’m crazy about sake, went out of her way to prepare it for me.

  1. Rumiko’s sake
  2. Until it was named Story Rumiko’s Sake.
  3. Rumiko’s specs
  4. Taste Evaluation
  5. What is Beef Tongue?

Rumiko’s sake

Rumiko's sake
Rumiko’s sake

Until it was named Story Rumiko’s Sake.

Rumiko’s sake
It is a nostalgic one-cup. I looked it up to write this article. So this illustration had a meaning. The original story is “Natsuko’s Sake ”. Rumiko Moriki, the successor of Moriki Sake Brewery, was greatly influenced by it. Here is the storyline of the comic book. Natsuko Saeki, the daughter of a sake brewer, was working as a copywriter in Tokyo. One day, her brother, whose goal was to revive the rare sake rice “Ryu Nishiki” and make the best sake in Japan, dies suddenly. Natsuko follows his dying wish, quits her job, and joins the brewery, overcoming difficulties in her quest to create the ultimate sake. Total of 12 volumes. It is a very good cartoon to understand sake from everyday life. When I read the first volume, I was so moved by it that I decided to finish the whole volume if I had the chance.

Rumiko's sake
Rumiko’s sake

Rumiko-san of Moriki Sake Brewery also created sake based on a similar experience to the main character, Natsuko-san.

Rumi cups? Is this a new bra? Junmai sake.

Rumiko’s specs

Rumiko's sake
Rumiko’s sake

Alcohol 15%, Rice polishing ratio 60

2, 3

3 touches to open

Wisdom. Just be careful not to cut your hands.

I remember seeing an uncle drinking on the train like this when I was a kid.

At last I am in this world…

Opening the cap. Aroma: Sweet aroma of Junmai sake.

Japanese Ranking 279th
Mie Prefecture Ranking 6th

Comment :A
Delicious, rich, mellow, and smooth. Great with rich dishes.

Comment :B
The sake was easy to drink, just what I requested, and it was refreshingly sweet and easy to drink. Rumiko’s personality is very nice, and it was an encounter that made me want to visit the brewery.

Taste Evaluation

Rumiko's sake
Rumiko’s sake
Rumiko’s sake chart

This, this (in the style of Mr. Matsushige, The Solitary Gourmet) is the basic taste of sake from the old days. Junmai-shu of the Showa era. Sourness changes to sweetness. Dry and drink up. It has been passed down from generation to generation. Stable taste. It is not a changeable pitch, but a straight pitch itself. It is sure to be delicious even when heated.

What is Beef Tongue?

It’s best served with a little bit of salt, though. Convenience store snacks. Smoked tongue.

What is Beef Tongue?

Japanese people often eat beef tongue at Japanese BBQ restaurants. Beef tongue is the tongue of the cow, from which it can be divided into four types. Since only about one kilogram of beef tongue can be obtained from each cow, they are all considered rare parts.

The tongue base is the part at the base of the cow’s tongue.
Because it is a part of the tongue that is not moved very often, it is very tender and fatty even among beef tongue. For this reason, it is sometimes called “marbled beef tongue,” and is often treated as a special grade of tongue.

・Tongue Tips
The tip of the tongue is the tip of the tongue of the cow. Since it is the most movable part of the tongue, it is very tough and has a strong odor. Therefore, it is often used in stewed dishes such as tongue stew rather than for BBQ. In many Japanese BBQ restaurants, it is used for staff meals.

・Tongue middle
The part between the tongue base and the tongue tip is called tan chu. It is characterized by being moderately tender and fatty, and is often handled at Japanese BBQ restaurants as “medium tongue” or “high tongue.

・Lower part of tongue
The underside of the tongue is collectively referred to as the underside of the tongue. This is also rarely served as Japanese BBQ , as it is a very stringy part. It is mainly used in stewed dishes because it becomes tender and melts in the mouth after being stewed. It’s a very convenient world we live in.

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